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Transferring Currencies Internationally

Transferring Currencies Internationally

Transferring Euros to Dollars, Pounds to Euros? Or another currency?

Transferring currency abroad, whether to buy a property, or make some other kind of investment can be a very difficult time, particularly if fluctuating currency markets are something you know little about. And we are not going to talk about crypto

Currency Sense recommends the services of Worldwide Currencies, who offer:

  • Best Exchange Rates (considerably better than highstreet banks)
  • Personal, friendly service (with a dedicated consultant)
  • No commission or fees charged
  • Speedy payments (same day transfers possible)
  • Safe & secure (client accounts managed by major UK banks)
  • To make the whole process very simple
  • No commission or fees charged

If you need to make a currency transfer at short notice then Worldwide Currencies will arrange a great exchange rate, often around 2% better than your bank will give you – perhaps saving you hundreds or thousands of pounds (or Euros or dollars). Plus, they do not charge commission or fees and will arrange a same day transfer from your account in one country to a different international account. This all equates to a cheap, reliable and quick transfer service.

If you are planning your finances ahead, they offer a personal, individual and friendly service and help you avoid the pitfalls of a possible decline in pounds sterling’s value against other currencies (Euro, dollars, etc.) which could make your intended asset purchase abroad far more expensive than need be. If required, they can monitor the price for you and contact you as soon as the rate reaches a level you desire, or conversely let you know if the exchange rate starts to move against you, allowing you the freedom to deal when the rate suits you best.

Worldwide Currencies work together with Barclays Bank PLC to provide our clients with the best currency exchange rates together with a totally secure method of transferring their funds abroad. For our clients’ safety and security, Worldwide Currencies has a Client Holding Account with Barclays. This is a segregated account and the money is held there in the names of our clients and we must have written instructions from them before any currency can be transferred to the destination bank abroad.

If you would like more information, please click to request currency transfer information, or email Richard Bass, Senior Foreign Exchange Consultant at Worldwide Currencies on transfers@currencysense.info.

Exchange pounds to euros or dollars, or many other currencies

HiFX – Highly Recommended Foreign Exchange.

Whether you’re purchasing the holiday home of your dreams, investing in overseas property or transferring currencies abroad for another reason, fluctuating exchange rates can make a tremendous difference to the price you finally pay.

For example:
A property priced at €300,000 would have cost £208,332 on the 1 November 2007.  Due to currency movements, the same property would have been £18,940 more expensive at £227,272 less than three months later.

To help make your money go further when buying a property or transferring money abroad, Currency Sense work with currency specialists HiFX to give you access to:

  • Better exchange rates than your bank saving you as much as 4% on all your international currency transfers.
  • Simple, jargon free currency advice tailored to your individual circumstances.
  • No commission or transfer fees, no hidden charges or overseas bank receiving fees.
  • Guaranteed exchange rates for up to 24 months.
  • Fast, highly secure payments for your complete peace of mind.
  • A Regular Payments Service for international mortgage payments and general living expenses.

Who are HiFX?

As Europe’s leading currency provider, their global network of offices manages 20 billion pounds in foreign exchange transactions annually, and last year the company helped over 30,000 private individuals protect themselves against the foreign exchange risk they were exposed to between their offer on property being accepted and the completion of the sale.

Find out how much you could save

With HiFX, protecting your property investment is easy.  HiFX’s dedicated specialists will listen to your requirements and happily provide advice on the various options available to you, whether you’re transferring pounds to euros, euros to dollars or another currency.

Finally, when the transaction is undertaken HiFX will give you better exchange rates than your bank; no commission charges or UK transfer fees, and no overseas bank receiving fees – saving you thousands of pounds, dollars or euros and making your money go further.

To contact a qualified foreign exchange specialist, email: currencysense@hifx.co.uk

Don’t let banks cash in! – click for a free consultation and the latest exchange rates!