Does anyone actually host a website on Amazon S3, or do you just use it for cloud storage? Managing sippy cups Finding socks. From June 5, Purinton thought she was the last surviving member of her immediate family. From September 3, With a live set from The Coffin Daggers! Members night at the Nashville Zoo.

The electric company is threatening to shut me off. Tonight Dave welcomes journalist Simon Ostrovsky and creative activist Jeff Jetton back to the program for hot talk. Tried out one of these today and only crashed once. Yet so little had been heard from the victims, dozens of adolescents, some still wearing braces, who were cut out of the lenient deal that sent the town of Palm Beach sex offender to jail for only 13 months. When a fire forced dozens of homeless people to leave their tents in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, Jackie Rachev at the local Salvation Army was ready to welcome them. So close to finishing my first Scriptable script. From November 18, Should be a fun morning.

From March 13, Garage Psych greats mainly ! I definitely said I was a musician who happened to be a Christian back when that was my job. Listen to set “Bobby Steele live in the studio”: From Videeo 26, My family is full of awesome weirdos.

This is exciting to hear. Esteemed author Peter Guralnick chats with Mr. Today, ESG investing has matured to the point where it can greatly accelerate market transformation for the better. Inspectors recorded numerous incidents where: I loved 13st to show off all 3 my girls to my 2nd grade team tonight.

The writer of the letter is already an expert in the field, whose earlier work had culminated with the creation of six remote control dogs, which could be made to run, turn and stop. Since her election last year, Omar has opened the door to a different, taboo argument.


From August 31, enrertainment We have NASA astrobiologists speak, scientists, entertainmnet military officials, the works. Last week, more than two dozen lawmakers in Washington demanded a federal investigation into that plea deal, which was negotiated, signed and sealed by former Miami U.

Do we want to allow vulnerable automobiles on the streets and highways during the weeks before a new security patch is written, tested, and distributed? From February 6, A little snow day reading for you… t. From February 20, Epstein, a fantastically wealthy creep, ran afoul of the Palm Beach police in after the parents of a year-old girl reported that he paid their daughter to strip deecmber massage his naked body while he pleasured himself.

They seem almost identical in size to my 9. MSNBC is stuffed full of former Bush-Cheney officials, security state operatives, and agents, while even the liberal stars are notably hawkish. When was the last time you awarfs a road trip in the middle of the night? Deutsche Bank’s head office and other locations in Frankfurt were raided by police officers and tax investigators on Thursday.

My child ruined my top entertainmenh list. New foster kiddos in the McClellan house.

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Post Daylight Savings Time Nashville: I just heard my 3. The Royal Commission – Australia’s highest form of public inquiry – came after a decade of scandals that shook confidence in the country’s largest industry. Great episode of Mac Power Users this week. Not how I hoped to spend a Saturday, but a new to us minivan will hopefully serve our family for ….


A Brief Tribute cideo Ken Nordine. The electric company is threatening to shut me off. Luxembourg is barely larger than a city-state, with a population of aboutMy team and I use our district scope and sequences and plan out individual weeks in our …. That thing where you spend an hour writing a Python script to make a template in OmniFocus and then ….

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This Apple Music playlist is bringing me so much joy on my planning period today. Snapped off the tip leaving parts lodged down inside preventing a new bi from being used. Star Parivaar Ka Music Video!! Until this point, Khashoggi had been a fixture in the Saudi media for years. Thoughts on Medium vs.

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A mysterious cigar-shaped object spotted tumbling through our solar system last year may have been an alien spacecraft sent to investigate Earth, astronomers from Harvard University have suggested. Tjat being said, I admire full time single parents so much. Then explore the excellent, reliable resources provided in our War Information Center. I gave up using Day One a year ago because I felt like my journaling had more depth with pen and …. What are businesses doing with their new-found wealth?

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