When A and B Companies came out on the south-eastern edge of the wood they were joined by the Northamptonshire on the right, and by some Connaught Rangers and Sappers on the left. By a stroke of luck, out the corner of my eye I saw one German just getting up from the ground a little apart from the rest. The actions of the 41st Arty Bde and the 2nd Battalion, the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry were to prove significant in preventing a German breakthrough. His citation reads as follows: He seemed different and as I looked at him he raised his pistol, but I was just before him and shot him dead at about ten yards range. The statue of a kilted Highlander will be the first and only memorial dedicated specifically to the Black Watch fallen of the Great War and it is the only statue being erected by any of the Scottish regiments during the four years of commemorative events. The First Battle of Ypres was arguably the most critical defensive battle fought by the British in the Great War and, with the added support of French artillery batteries, the German attempt to break through to the Channel Ports was halted.

I have never traveled in Europe before, so I would love some advice on what to see and avoid. As the Germans advanced they came into view of the gun-positions. The statue of a kilted Highlander will be the first and only memorial dedicated specifically to the Black Watch fallen of the Great War and it is the only statue being erected by any of the Scottish regiments during the four years of commemorative events. This entry was posted in Polygon Wood , Zonnebeke. Notify me of new posts by email. I therefore decide to carry out the 5th Brigade orders, and to send a message to the 1st Brigade to say what I was doing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. About this time we got held up on the left and I took a dive into the undergrowth.

We had a quiet walk through the woods as we approached the cemetery and the memorial. I broke through a thick bit and stumbled right on top of zonnebeeke bunch of about thirty Bosches, who promptly put their hands up. The contemporary Black Watch history and other records describe the battle: I am a perfectionist and this is my first major video editing project, hence the time it is taking.

Feel free to share: The cemetery and monument are very well maintained. I now collected the whole regiment at two or three houses just watcj of the south edge of Nonne Bosschen Wood, and I found the 5th Brigade headquarters on the north edge of Polygon Wood. It was the last shot I had that day — and the best — znonebeke at thirty yards and a bull. The 49 year-old Brigadier-General decided to show his troops the way and paid for the decision with his life.


With this make-shift force of 40 or so they set up a defensive line in front of their gun positions. However, eventually we were able to detail one man to stay with them and collect any others that were sent back. Following the assault of 11th November the weather deteriorated and on the 17th the German High Command called off their offensive bring the First Battle of Ypres to an end.

The Battle of Broodseinde took place on 4th October and it was during this action that Evans won his V. Fresh German formations had been brought up from Lille and Arras including a new composite Guards Division.

I have no idea how many there were or what happened to them. Suddenly I had a colossal blow on my right side, which sent me bblack. It will be dark before you get back if you do not go now. After a bit, I saw the end of the wood and open space beyond. Not bad for a zohnebeke officer.

The desperate fighting of the First Battle of Ypres did, however, use up all of the available forces of the BEF and by its end the old Regular British Army had virtually ceased to exist. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews.

To the south of the Menin Road the 12 battalions of the German 4th Division, around 8, Pomeranians and West Prussians, were met by the rapid fire of 8. When we got to the edge of the wood we saw a few Germans disappearing across the open, but when they had gone we could see no sign of blacck although there seemed to be a lot of bullets flying about and the shells were terrifying. I have been researching and editing for the past month, and am just about 80 percent done.

At the south west corner of Polygon Wood, just an hour before the German attack, Royal Engineers had completed a strongpoint which was now manned by forty men of the Black Watch. They will be all right and I have some nice Bosche to help you. Ways to Experience Battle of Polygon Wood.

Major Rochfort-Boyd had been deployed forward as a FOO when the attack came in and he had withdrawn before the German onslaught. The artillery seemed to be concentrating on us, but as it was just as bad as in front, we decided to push on.

The Black Watch Corner Memorial, Zonnebeke

Battle of Polygon Wood. After capturing the first objective he was severely wounded in the shoulder, but refused to be bandaged and reformed the troops pointed out all future objectives, and again led his battalion zonnebekke. Beyond was a big wood, and looking through conrer glasses I could see Germans wandering about in it. This caused the enemy veer away in the direction of Nonne Bosschen, which at that time was free of British troops.


Reviewed September 20, An eerie but peaceful feeling in Polygon Wood. The men with whom we had this fight were the Potsdam Guards.

Armistice & ‘ years Black Watch corner – The Black Watch in Flanders’ | Flanders Fields

As the British retreated, artillery and isolated strongpoints kept the Germans under heavy fire, preventing reinforcements from reaching them, and slowly the momentum began to drain from the attack.

The pressure was continued along the northern and southern edges of the salient to keep the French and British troops fixed in their defensive positions as preparations for renewed assault along the Menin Road took place. Attacking them were two full-strength regiments, the 1st and 3rd Foot Guards, a total of six battalions.

Lieutenant C S Baines was wounded, and Colour Sergeant J Jones A Company was unfortunately killed, just at the moment when he had been promoted 2nd Lieutenant, though we did not know it at the time.

Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. It was the last major offensive of zonneneke First Battle of Ypres by the Germans, although a number of minor attacks would take place throughout the rest of November, but zonnegeke real danger to the city, as winter took hold, was over.

We went on collecting more Bosches, and left a party of them sitting on the ridge because we had no spare men to send back with them. There was still another trench held by the Germans in front, and there is no doubt that this would also have to be taken; but unfortunately, the French artillery, not realising that our attack had progressed so quickly, began firing shrapnel into our front line, so that the attack could not get on.

This corner of the wood was later named Black Watch Corner in recognition of the corneer the regiment played in halting the German advance. Small-Group Australian Battlefield Tour in