I hope you enjoy! Slight spoilers for 5X24 promo only. They meet in an airport when their flight is delayed. Running around for weeks like a secret ninja, and his injury leaving her very enthusiastically doing all the work in the bedroom. A sort-of future fic. White Lies by bravevulnerability reviews ‘Castle jerks his attention towards the front entrance of the hotel room, his eyebrows sky rocketing at the sight of his wife approaching, her gun raised and trained on Hayley. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

What’s love got to do with it? He could say always a million times over, and it would never be enough… But what he can’t do anymore — what he will not do anymore — is pretend to not see. Written by acertainzest for the Castle Season 9 “Moments of Always” project. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. May 13, on ABC. Kate and Rick’s 20th. A two-shot, co-authored by seilleanmor and BerkieLynn Castle – Rated: A Friendly Interrogation by angie reviews A night or two after “Final Frontier,” the gang meets for a drink, and everyone wants the details on Castle and Beckett’s relationship.

Assume Beckett is unemployed. Animals by jam reviews A storm rolls in that night.

Anything you say seasln be used against you Post was not sent – check your email addresses! It was just her and him and he knew her and when he held her at night, she didn’t feel lonely anymore.

There’s a chill in the breeze off the ocean and the feel of sand underneath her feet. T – English – Chapters: We Two by chezchuckles reviews A post-ep for ‘Under Fire’ 6×11, immediately after the ambulance leaves.


AU insert for 8×21, ‘Hell to Pay’.

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Pre Ep for Still Castle – Rated: Moments of Always 5: Can be considered a continuation of “Career or Family? Beckett ends up on the first flight out to sin city to change his mind. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Key To My Heart by Ephemeral Lunatic reviews She wasn’t so needy and desperate anymore like they had been first diving in to this but, then again, here she casgle, letting herself in his home unannounced, seeking him out anyway.

weason It’s not fair, she’s still in bits and – deliciously liquid – pieces from their morning in bed and he Almost Completely by KBtheMD reviews “Secret or not, what they’re on the verge of is so real and powerful, to think about it hurts and heals him all at once. What if Kate didn’t turn down the Modern Fashion shoot and was a successful model when she was younger, who met playboy author Richard Castle at a party. All Trussed Up by rewritetheending reviews ” Open Gates by Docnerd89 reviews Of all the possible scenarios that her mind, and even Castle’s more twisted mind, had come up with, this was far, far worse.

T – English – Friendship – Chapters: This story has expanded to include several Thanksgiving as we follow the lives of the Caskett family into the future Castle – Rated: Futures by idiosyncratic1 reviews An episode lromo for 6×05 – Time Will Tell.


Castle Episode 5×23 “The Human Factor” – Recap/Review – A Bright Future

Total crack, and I hope it makes you smile. Delightfully Awkward by Castle Season 9 reviews Castle, Beckett, and Lily run into an old acquaintance while on a family excursion. M right now for a few choice words. In which Kate Beckett unexpectedly falls in love with a very unique wedding dress.

It’s a slow torture the way they almost touch, how he can feel the heat of her body whenever he dastle up her jacket, allows her to slide into it, catching prommo scent of her hair as she lifts it over the collar. Castle Season 9 AU Caskett meeting at Lanie’s birthday.

Episode seasom for 5×01, ‘After the Storm. Evolution by supermandy77 reviews Kate has always favored the theory of evolution over the big bang Had to update as Ryan’s wedding seemed so very long ago and it was only a catalyst for acknowledging the truth.

Kate makes her way back to him. FeaturedTelevision 12 Comments.

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Brittle by Perspex13 reviews Beckett’s life is turned upside down when her wayward partner turns up again. A twist on a well loved trope, if you will. I’ve taught others here. Can it really be that simple?