And Im not intending on making the lovely MGY look bad, but I seriously think that fringes don’t suit her.. Two exes break up reconcile. You are commenting using your WordPress. Curioser And Curiosor January 22, at 9: While it was “outright denial” and a violation of his sense for perfectionism, in another ,it was also perfectly a ‘normal’ and logical move to me. I love Alice, and hated School. I think the big unknown on her at this point is the home life she is coming from.

If she’s booted out, she’ll never get back into Cheongdam-dong society. You did not create this mess. Girl, I am stalking PSH like crazy on the internet. Even when it was on its continuous downward. Now bolum, dating agencies guildford, dating agency cyrano ep eng sub youtube. I’m just hoping for a rainbow filled Happily After Ever that only dramas can dish out. I won’t wish that all the nay sayers who proudly carry on about how they have dropped it would actually pay attention and discover that this is not your typical drama.

Yong-ju has way more at stake. Same here Pam, I love how he has so many fantastic faces, funny, funny funny but also has character, loved the scene with soya sauce, so very good of him to do that, ha ha ha.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 13 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Park Shi Hoo is mentally ill and needs serious help. Yoon Seo as Min Se Kyung ep Papa Nam, still spooky. Park Kwang Hyun Supporting Cast. Except In Hwa – she is getting worse. Does anyone know why the favorite number of episodes in so many shows is 16? Various formats from p to p HD or even p. Or I could get my PSH fix by watching all of his other dramas.


Remember that she’s taking Tommy Hong down too for ‘acting out of place’ and slice just the girls who wanted to marry well. All that takes serious determination. Its pride or shame by association.

Agency que gerou o filme Cyrano. Actually, people often put their best foot forward initially. I don’t know why people buy into that theory because the men have also changed their minds based dng how they felt:.

Lol welcome fellow addict. Now bolum, dating agencies guildford, dating agency cyrano ep eng sub youtube.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4

I feel so hopeful that she will choose the right thing. I suspect that is what’s coming in the next ep or so. Download Sub Indo Episode 2 p: Omo omo omo I just watched again the episode 5 last 9 minutes, I am here at work and now everyone is coming to watch this with me, it is SO FUNNY, he is really amazing actor I love his antics so much.

Class is iron clad in the USA. It seems today is the day to try. Alice in Cheongdam-dong Favorite.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Curioser And Curiosor January 22, at Check the best results! As soon as Se-kyung reaches her room, she gets a call from Tommy. That dramacraz mean it’s worse than the United States. I do hope she gets her happy ending.

I am so frustrated with the WTFery of the last few episodes of this drama. She will have her justice. The best kept secret is the one you keep to yourself. Lee Jong Nam Supporting Cast.

They are hard to shake and a bit on the scary side.

Love U Park Si Hoo-Thailand: Drama with ENG-Sub : Cheongdamdong Alice EP 1

Follow Blog via Alife Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This final episode is Girl Who Sees Smells is a bit of a mishmash, but we do get plenty of excitement, and some surprises, too.


They were more intimate and heartfelt, and they gave viewers a bit space to listen to the dialogues and to see the whole thing unfold.

I thought one week was long to wait for a cheogdamdong episode but two? VS January 22, at 1: Trying to wait patiently for the few remaining. I suppose I’ll have to sit down and read it one of these days. Will definitely finish it as much as I really love your recaps.

Kim Seung Soo Supporting Cast. While his antics were goofy and funny and occasionally cute, I saw his obsession immediately. She knows what alcie happen if the video is revealed, but does it anyway “because she’s a woman”? Watched him in the Princess Man but the drama was too gory for me so I have not even watched the ending yet. I find the contrast between reality and delusion and how that contrast is handled depending on economic status, fascinating. I am very easy to cheongdaamdong laugh though.

If they know how to handle themselves, do business, act professional and do all the party networking for that group then they will fit in.

She could have done with out that sin blubber till death speech she gave to Papa Nam.