Fluffy Kitty 3 August at Lil by lil I will upload ALL the projects edited by me so please be patient and enjoy the ones that are already online and running! Rose 3 M ore With time I will fix all the lost projects! And wow, finally someone called for that manga too! Of course if you want to do it, it’s not like I would not appreciate!!! Anonymous 13 October at

Pressuring your friend into sex, while holding your friendship with him hostage is really a scumbag thing to do. I completed only 2 CDs in reality, but still enjoy! I enjoyed it on a Sunday afternoon. K list, second page! Unknown 29 January at I really liked the extra so I was looking forward to read the whole manga.

This one is a pretty long project! I might be confuse It seemed like Shunpei just kind dlusion went with it on a whim. Roby85m 6 September at Soon projects will be online all again!

Anyway dont force urself too much to be here! I mean it’s not even that bad, dramz it’s so overrated and nobody seems to have the problem with the eleektel that I do.

I enjoyed the couple and liked the fact that they have been friends for a very long time. Shouldnt u have more patience and respect her time and efforts?!??! I think it’s already completed. Thanks for ur love! Thanks and nice surfing here! I will try to fix with her of possible!


I should mention that I also liked the humor, the uke was hilarious. Please can you tell me when this manga drama cd will be uploaded on this blog again? As soon as I can! Asami is ready for u again I’m thinking of rewatching it.

Mousou Elektel

Thanks for requesting, we will do this project when we will take care of previous wishes! Anonymous 3 July at May I know which one r u talking about.? Shoyo Cosplay 17 April at Every request is always more than accepted! Yuiichan 8 February at If u are asking why u couldnt be able to reach the blog for some days, it’s coz it was offline!

Thanks for ur comment!

DreamingYaoiStudio ⚣ : MANGA+DRAMA CD LIST

I also talked about it some nights ago, with an awesome scan girl! Rin Chan 14 February at Draja love love this manga!

Well i enjoyed it the art is so good and the plot is okay, though i didn’t know if its completed or not but it looks like that is the ending in the manga. Li-chan 11 December at Thank you for supporting us!


Didnt want to sound bad! Do you have that materials and story.? Try out our new iPhone application! Anonymous 27 October at I visited this web last year, and now I come back here again: I’m not the type who would be angry for a suggestion,I think I’ve always encouraged people to let me know what they really think, maybe you dont follow me since long!

They make a cute team The romance did not escalate quickly, I think the timing was very realistic. But please be sure it has a drama CD!

Mind if I share the link here Roby? I first read the deluison of this manga in one chapter from Hidoku Shinaide which is another work from the same author. I want to watch the full version.