Suddenly many students flock to see Zhao Fei as they feel weak. Da Wei consoles her. Da Wei is helpless when the students complain about the swimming training. Kai Di is grateful to Yao Zu and is impressed by the way he handles the case. Kai Di and Da Wei oppose punishing all the ex-offenders because they have no proof to fix them as criminals. Yao Zu, Wang and Zhao Fei come to look for them the next morning. He has no confidence in her and holds the car handle by the side. He challenges Wei Ren to spar with him.

Their leader is Ah Bin. Xia Xue transfers into the school and is a good ballet dancer. We have a lot of monster students. Third Party Advertising We use Google and other third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our blog. He pretends to be a sweeper. Wei Ren is also attracted.

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She is the one who often comes up with ideas to fix teachers. Wei Ren returns to school and is touched that Zi Xuan gives him an encouraging letter even though she is transferred out.

Da Wei looks through the xctv books and decides to cook dishes that do not require the use of fire. Da Wei apologises to her with flowers and proposes to her with a ring. She hugs Yao Zu and cries. All students complete it and they tell Da Wei and Yao Zu to compete with each other.


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The students are alarmed upon seeing that Kai Di does a bad painting on the stage props with uneven layers. A new teacher, Fang Yu Ting joins the school as a counselor. He then tells Kai Di to visit him as he is dj that he might have a mishap.

She becomes more open to speak her mind and she is among the pioneers to protest against the forbidden love rule. Wang buys a gift to make Zhao Fei happy and also tries to bribe Yao Zu with expensive presents. The students help Da Wei to woo Kai Di. She tells him about it. She says she respects him.

Aq sih sukanya pas pemeran ceweknya g diganti. He wants to call his driver but she takes his car keys to drive instead. Guo Qiang wonders the rumours of Wei Ren and Xue together as an item is true. But Wang makes matters worse when he thanks her for getting rid of his love rival. Yao Zu is unhappy to know they like each other. He is inexperienced but has the drive to teach. Both go out and someone pushes her. Yao Zu informs him that Kai Di only likes him so he envies Da Wei for leaving his family to love someone he loves.


Kai Di finds Wei Ren working as a construction worker and he tells her that he is quitting his studies. All students are spell bound as they have always thought of him to be a weak scholar.

taynag Suddenly many students flock to see Zhao Fei as they feel weak. She thinks the same way as Da Wei. Although young and is only with the school for a year, he wants the best for them and is firm with them.

Both try to stop him at home and Da Wei gets cut by his knife. Zhao Fei forces her to apologise as she is afraid that she will lose her job. The teachers have a discussion. He gets through the gate easily as the security guard is sleeping on the job.

Xue feels better but Da Wei is angry with Kai Di for being so childish and careless. Akhirnya ada juga thread ini. Kai Di complains about him to Zhao Fei but knocks into him again.

Zhang shakes his head upon seeing how negative he is instead of pursuing his own happiness.