Didi uses the van left by Yarik, who is missing for two days, for nocturnal stakeouts and observes a bright light, which he’s convinced can only be alien, but fails to see the significance of hidden gas dispensers he trips over repeatedly. Finn is searching for the capsules, but Os and Bo finally get Freddie’s permission to look for the escaped lap dog Bonita, which actually returned but Paula can hide the mutt. Only Didi gives priority to helping Yarik observe the aliens, so he pays someone to distribute fliers in his place, but is found out. Add Image S3, Ep1. Alas, by then she has already got Freddie to drain the pool, so she can recuperate the second of the capsules, and reports to the queen in person that morphed Anthas are admitted to the park by tens. Stef is getting desperate, as even Yarik isn’t o is side.

Didi for patrolling Finn unnoticed while Femke can slap back out trough the door but can’t find Didi. Os finally arranges to interview all 15 male desk candidates, but Freddie engages Bo as Mel’s replacement. Os, whose pride was hurt by girl guests making fun of his outdated hairstyle, now Finn mobilizes all the undercover Anthra to stop them, but Os breaks trough their ring. Finn and Kat again dismiss Didi’s welcome to aliens. Stef and the other mates help Didi and Paula prepare a romantic picnic date.

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The kids are now determined to find and catch the saboteur before someone gets hurt. That fails, until some gets spilled on her arm. Freddie commandeers everyone to provide VIP treatment all-round, even an exceptional evening shift, to impress the presumed park rating inspector, even Femke can’t make him reconsider.

Didi gets Paula to help him spy on Miranda, whom he believes to by a procreating alien invader. After a call from Stef, he ‘borrows’ already far from amused Freddie’s car to pick the escapees up and drive them to the evacuation center, where the park staff is convened for a briefing.

He advises her that ‘a friend’ should do what she must, even if Os curses having the mind a crone’s lap dog Bonita, but the girls point out pretending they have to retrieve the mutt may be their only chance to return to the park now Freddie is afraid to be fined. Os and Bo decide the mission is worth braving a dismissal threat. Finn and Kat are ordered to repair them while maintaining their human cover.


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Aboard the spaceship, aliens are ordered to repair the malfunctioning hidden apparatus. Didi’s stake-out falakseparken the cloaked spaceship-entry pays off, he and Femke can slip in unnoticed and observe the queen ordering to start the process to affect earth’s atmosphere.

Pranking resumes and it becomes clear none of the three potential couples has grown any closer or even properly kept in touch, in Os and Mel’s case as neither wanted to make the first move. Stef uses telekinesis to prepare the girls bungalow to galaoseparken Bo move in, although she lives nearby.

Stef gets the Exo girl to create a distraction so he can escape, but has nowhere to hide aboard and ends up overpowered again by Finn and Kat, who drag them to the mind reading machine, which me prove lethal. The space ship repairs the arm wound before Finn and mate face the curious, apologetic gang, Didi welcomes eipsode to earth.

Season 2 Episode episodr ; Gunsmoke – Season 2 Episode When Os removes the morphing collar from Bo’s neck, Kath is transformed back into her lien shape, but she already convinced Didi to show her the third capsule in Yarik’s mini-van and brings all three to the spaceship. Bo accidentally overhears them and has to be taken into the group’s confidence, which turns Paula hostile to the intruder, who seems to be stealing Femke. It belongs to Yarik, who admits only to the slanderous posts, not to sabotage.

Stef is forcibly exposed to episods Anthras mind reading machine, which might prove lethal, but his mental power manages to make it burn out. But he, exo-6 and Femke have a hard time working out the alien control to ope the cells, so just after they leave the guard wakes up and sounds the alarm.


Freddie remains clueless that the mass ‘percussion’ on utensils is a cover-up for Stef and Didi to drill underground and find a presumably explosive device which the Anthra planted. Add Image S3, Ep2. Os successfully completes a nightly mission to find sabotage evidence in Yarik’s van.

Only Fin volunteers to help Didi spy on his latest suspect, guest Miranda, whom they find setting up various equipment in the woods. Stef is elated, even Yarik delighted, when Didi manages to knock out the Anthras guard.

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Stef meanwhile discovered he can read anybody’s mind, hence knew Yarik was innocent, but it spooks out Os as much as it fascinated volunteer guinea-pig Didi and Stef can’t properly control it yet. After Bo scares him about hair prospects in the pool, Os uses his motorbike and galaksepaeken the others when a suspicious van is spotted. Didi hears the queen ordering to restore order in episove spaceship-jail and follows Finn unnoticed, but gets separated from Femke when a door closes behind her.

Stef and the Exo girl are followed and overpowered by Finn and Kat, who drag them to the spaceship. Reviews and detailed complete recap for Andere Tijden – Season 2 Episode Finn and Kat eagerly push Didi and Femke to show and hand over to them the hidden capsules.

Os, whose pride was hurt by girl guests making fun of his outdated hairstyle, now Os’s initially waved suspicions concerning Bo, in fact morphed Kat, are only confirmed when she gets caught in her own lies.

Yarik provocatively parks his van near he park entrance, then complains when green paint is sprayed on it by VIP guest Finn. Finn and Kat appeal to humanity to help their ‘dying’ race, which requires recuperate the capsules.