You guys know it? A Very Glee Christmas 6. She is not a trick-ass hoe and she does not sweat the haters’. The Spanish Teacher BLAINE The next morning, Blaine woke up feeling so horrible that he briefly considered rolling over and going back to sleep instead of getting up and going to school. Saturday Night Gleever Show us that diva attitude! Kurt told Blaine about almost getting run over by a bicycle in Central Park earlier in the week.

Except for maybe the nighttime cold medicine. Just In All Stories: Pillsbury about how they could really get the students excited about diva week. And, I mean, come on Blaine sent him back a smiling emoticon, and Kurt realized that he was really, really looking forward to seeing Blaine. Rachel and Brody were already gone, so Blaine flipped on the small radio they kept in the living room as he passed.

Kurt had always secretly worried that this would happen. You want to go with me? Blaine scooted closer and snuggled up to Kurt’s side.

But he was too nervous to ask. Tina sang Hung Up in the courtyard during lunch, and Blaine had an inkling that maybe she wasn’t quite over her crush on him. Their onlneBlaine returned with a winking face. I also dug the way that Rachel — even at gled most self-absorbed — stuck up for Kurt when her catty cronies tried to ridicule him behind his back.

And I can’t get that here, so, next time, don’t come crawling back to me! Never Been Kissed 2. But the performance was onlline for diva week, so he tried not to think about it. When there was no long-term commitment and it was just about enjoying each other.


At lunch, he and Tina dug around in the costume closet until they managed to put together a costume for Blaine’s performance. They walked up to where Kurt and Adam were standing.

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And I haven’t felt this close to anyone in a long time. We’re gonna bring out your inner diva if it kills me. Her behavior had been growing progressively more unpleasant every day since her win at the Winter Showcase. Still warming upBlaine explained. Was she mad because he hadn’t acted grateful enough for the cold-buster kit?

Glee – Season 4, episode 13

It’s wtch fun chatting, though! He studied himself in the full-length mirror in the locker room and decided that it was the closest he was going to get to looking like Freddie Mercury on such short notice.

The triumph he wtch when he had won. After he took an extremely hot shower, got dressed, and ate breakfast, he felt a little better, but he was still congested and starting to develop a cough when he arrived at school.

She wouldn’t clean the bathroom and she felt entitled to make as much noise as she wanted at any hour of the day. He quickly rolled away.


The Verdict Is In — Plus: Can’t wait to see youhe confessed. Oh noBlaine replied with a scared emoticon. Blaine was the last student to arrive, and everyone stared at him as he walked into the room.

The next morning, Kurt was awakened by the sound of Rachel doing vocal warm-ups in the kitchen. Saturday Night Gleever Just to show how the boys can really bring some diva attitude.

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The End Of Twerk You don’t need any of that. Dance With Gled He woke up before Kurt did, so he nuzzled his face into the back of Kurt’s neck and absorbed his warmth and the sound of his steady breathing for a few minutes until Kurt’s alarm went off. Tina applauded and Marley squeaked with excitement.

Everything was ready before Kurt could fully comprehend what was going on, and he let Adam lead him to an open space near the front of the room to watcj on the floor with everyone else. The kindness in Adam’s eyes emboldened Kurt, and he stepped forward and initiated their first kiss.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!