In addition, when I went to the help pages through my gnuplot install, I discovered that this usage is deprecated with my version Version 4. For instance, the plot shown below uses 13 “lines” to generate the surface using set pm3d map. Plotting labels from files. The linewidth is taken from the first linestyle , all lw settings from the following ls are ignored. How would I do this for, e. Sign up using Email and Password. Applying Colors and Styles. Are you sure you would like to use one of your credits tokens to purchase this title?

Delete the unset surface command and replace it with set surface command because the data points are plotted on the surface. A map is nothing but a colour-coded 3D plot, with the isolines attached to it. In order not to cobble the plot, we will restrict it to the range [ Hence for your case, as you have 12 lines, you should add. I can’t seem to figure out what linetype is being used for the contour lines, so I can’t change the appropriate linetype. I’m hoping that others will find this useful and informative.

Finally it worked, but the following changes had to be made: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

When we are done with all this, we simply reset our plot, set the x and yrange, specify the gnpulot that we want to use with the colouring, and call the plot command. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read cohtour updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued collor of the website is subject to these policies. Janert, thank you for your reply! December 18th, 12 Comments In physics equipotential lines describe lines in space which are at the same potential, for example of the electric field.


In order to get these lines we need the function of the potential v x,y and make a contour plot with splot to a file to save the positions of the lines.

In the first couple of lines, we plot the actual function into a file, called test. Now, this was sort of standard, but the question inevitably comes up, whether we could do something more with this. The cbrange is defined only down toso I changed the contour levels accordingly wasn’t drawn anyway. For example rgbformulae 0,0,3 means, gnuplot does not use Red and Green, but the height of Z values is expressed by a linear color variation from black to blue.

Plotting a path in 3D. Post as a guest Name. Charlie Charlie 1 3 If you have a matrix to plot, you can replace this function with that file. But you can reverse it by using set cntrparam levels increment -6,-6, or set cntrparam levels increment ,6,-6 The linewidth of all contours is the same and also equal to the linewidth used for the plotting command, to change it use e.

Gnuplot commands are shown below.

Please allow me to describe the situation with an example, and see if you can reproduce this strange behaviour, or tell me where I am doing something wrong. The dataset for this plot can be plkt here: Default settings If no linetype is specified for splotthe surface itself would use lt 1.


Changing colors of “contour”

When one has contour lines, one wants to label them, I presume. The second twist is that it might make interpretation of the figure easier, if the contours are coloured, as are the corresponding labels.

Making a basic histogram plot. Putting arrows on the axes. Plotting Curves, Boxes, Points, and more. The negative area is shown by blue, positive is red, and the other area looks empty. The contours use the linestyle with an index by one higher than the one used by the plotting command.

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gnuplot / plotpm3d2

I’d to know what line type will be used for the first and subsequent contour lines when the number of “lines” in my input data will vary.

In that case the first contour is drawn with lt 3. Creating a cumulative distribution [new]. Adjusting the tic size.

I will discuss another approach here. Email Required, but never shown. Programming gnuplot and Dealing with Data.

Assembling a document using epslatex. We can use the script above with some small modification.

There are lots of posts on the web regarding using set style increment user followed by definition of user style via set style line 1 lc rgb “blue” lw 2 etc.