LSG has been dieting just for this scene? It immediately calms him down and makes him think of Lord Park, and he just looks up with the saddest puppy eyes and sheds a tear. Then of course, there is always the danger that he would harm people. I am prob the only one that lovvveeesss gons haircut sooo freaking sexy I don’t know if they might be separated at some point it is a Kdrama after all , and I don’t envision a nice walk in the park with pretty flowers for the next 14 ep. This my plot come, thank your recap. I don’t know why they change it.. Or maybe they had a male double step in just for that scene???

The second thing is to stay away from women altogether. Yeah, one thing I always found intriguing about kang chi is that his fighting skills depend completely on his opponent. Then of course, there is always the danger that he would harm people. TS tells her to move but she refuses. I do remember however GW saying with assurance to his head minion that KC would be there that evening or day, and I didn’t at the time link it to TS being hypnotized. YW and KC are seriously great together. He has the same affection for CJ but because she’s a pretty girl in his simple mind he basically takes that as being in love with her.

This is was the first cohesive episode yet!

I wanted to like this drama so much, I hope it improves along the way, though I doubt. Kitzeekat April 30, at 9: Please look famil awkward. In my opinion, he has downgraded in his acting ability after his phenomenal King 2 Hearts performance and I’m disappointed. Did they think viewers wouldn’t notice?? The fwmily when KC drives the broomstick into the ground and then the camera shows dirt following into the secret chamber made me really worried that GW will find the chests of money.


This had best be a temporary thing to help with the a possible disguise. CJ is supposed to turn against KC and use the feelings he has for her I don’t know that she is supposed to turn against him, but the synopsis or character description said that she will use KC, which hasn’t happened yet. The chemistry between the OTP is really off the charts. Blood starts pouring out of his mouth.

Augh, make it stop. Seunggi’s smirks are too adorable! I am looking forward to how the writer will handle that.

Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 9 [Complete] | Scattered Joonni

Nevermind the fact that all newbie actors, idol or not, improve as time goes by. Until Kang-chi is dead?

It’s so out of tune with his serious character. Even commenters here have said so.

Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 9 [Complete]

Choi Jin Hyuk Main Cast. And the fact that they all thought it was good – its really cos 2D1N starves them so almost anything becomes edible! Jung Hye Young Supporting Cast. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. If the original Zeppo was eye-candy, Xander dramacrayz humor-candy.

That’s why the epsode said: He is called Teacher Jook-dal and is represented by the bamboo symbol. He asks if KC and SS is close. It seemed like he had gone there to check on her, since GW mentioned her. You can learn a lot. I wondered if they did that on purpose? Kang-chi asks where so he can break in, not realizing that the man is standing right behind him.


Great writing and descriptions I don’t like him either. Gon pushes his hand off. Head Minion finally cracks open the hidden door and discovers the mountain of treasure inside, and poor Tae-seo crumbles to the ground in tears. He ended up kind of being the ‘spare’ brother to some degree, without much substance of a role, and mostly he gets to be the butt of his brother’s jokes about being the best-looking one.

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Here’s the story of a crabby warrior who was bodyguard, to a boy who was really a girl. He knocks her into the candle eramacrazy her, and the room goes dark as he hovers over her, ready to claw her heart out. Star-Crossed Lovers And Loyalties: I will post my answer to you, I promise: TS refuses to tell him.

Did dramacrazt struck only me the way TS entered the martial arts academy with nobody to stop him in a yard packed with trained men? No life-threatening wounds to see here! I loved this episode. But watch Ep4 onwards, and see for yourself, how boook gets into the groove, and everyone in the household, or the villagers felt as if they have lived there forever. Back at the school, Tae-seo says he has a favor to ask of Kang-chi, and pleads with him to rescue Chung-jo.