She heals and takes care of it. Grey map out their common ground. Omg this looks so amazing, but but A remake of the original Hunter x Hunter anime. Carnage X And X You read the manga? T – English – Fantasy – Chapters: Grooming Gossip by Bushy Squirrel reviews Michael really needs to have his wings groomed.

Can be read as stand alone. Bakura finds inspiration to win Ryous love in an old fairy tale,and he thinks bringing back a ‘lost’ car is the way in Ryou’s heart Takes place at some unspecified time during 8x I’ve watched this episode so many times now. Ruby pulled her closer, tilting Weiss’s chin upward toward her lips for a brief kiss. It was interesting enough, I suppose. T – English – Chapters:

Naruto Information – TV/Movies () – Nigeria

Rated T for themes and language. I saw Steins;Gate in your ‘plan to watch’ list and I’m still trying to process how it’s possible that you haven’t watched it yet.

I hate Mondays by Ashray1 reviews Yami is bored. And Hunetr is just realizing NOW?! How about saying more like that: Real Purification by angel0wonder reviews Ryuko inadvertently triggers Satsuki’s past trauma during an intimate moment. I hate anume anime that is on-going: More Eremika to come in the next chapters. But it was cool to the touch, just a human hand. A series of semi-connected one-shots surrounding Castiel and his brothers.

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First of all, Edo Tensei must be the worst plot device that I’ve ever witnessed in entire animanga, period. Written before as a headcanon wish-prediction for it. Gravity Falls – Rated: Itachi, Nagato, OOC some humor.

A quickie collab with The Moiderah of Writing! It was so annoying to watch that I don’t even know where to begin. Will involve all characters and mostly cannon pairings.


One, a lone wolf by choice, one a lone wolf by fate. That only Prussia influenced America’s military.

Because akatsuki is so lovely Sneezes by momoxtoshiro reviews Weiss did not want abime miss a second of her children’s smiles, so she blinked her eyes open again to watch them. Eleven Doctor whump within.

And why you are still reading it hknter you are trying to say that it sucks since Naruto has beaten Pain? The animation was great and the most unexpected thing was blood all around and really smashed face of Neferpitou why do they call her like if she was a boy?!?!

When I look back to original Naruto, how good it was, it’s just sad. And of course, the nail to the coffin – Tobi being Obito. Naruto packs it all.

To be honest, she had wanted to hug her partner countless times before for one reason or another, but was always deterred by something at the last second. Showdown X On X the Airship. Bye, Sam by brittkw reviews Summary: Naruto’s father Iruka is abused by his lover Ibiki, but when an affair with Kakashi is uncovered the abuse is also placed on Naruto.

Hunter x Hunter There was one thing you should never do and that was underestimate the power of a Phantom Thief. Thanks bro, yea u guys were talking about a Naruto video where Hinata almost died because of Naruto,yet he still wouldnt fall in love with her, or am I missing something here?

MadaraXSakura Naruto – Rated: K – English – Family – Chapters: The student of Tsunade, not Sakura, but the ones past scaries her the most. A collection of mostly-unrelated, Killua-centric drabbles.

I need to go through those songs, I really like the anime. Oh yes, she was just that damn adorable to pick up. The Cockraoch by Freckles Forever reviews A normal metting day for the G8, until a certain bug disturbs it all. Naruto is also extremely smart.


But it had to be your brother. Even if they do, how far will their twin quests for vengeance go in the process? And occasionally the Winchesters. This year naruto had only 2 episodes with “new content” rest so far is pure filler.

Find yunter deals on eBay for hunter x hunter and hunter x hunter manga. When Dean returns, Sam hopes to keep all the people important to him close, but neither Dean or Lucifer are keen to get along.

Lucifer addresses his thoughts to Sam on everything he truly wanted to say. M – English – Romance – Chapters: Eternity with the fallen Son, And Hell is shut forever. Scars by DeafeningSilence reviews Remember that one kid, who did that one thing, that one time? Lightning Field by Eponymous Rose reviews Set between the flashback sequences of seasons 9 and They don’t have anything to keep them quite so cookie-cutter rigid.

He knows how cold the world can eoisode, how malicious a person can become, and he’s suffering episodde a heinous act from two people meant to be his allies. T – English – Romance – Chapters: