The Times of India. None Question of the day: And then he walks away. Nani says Arnav has went there right? Ovi walks barefeet to the mandir. Arjun says that if she is ready to do anything for him then she too should help him in the dahi handi. Gunjan is waiting for Mintu at the caf inn, and he enters through the door and sees Gunjan and smiles.

He breaks the door and opens it. First was Abha, then Maa and now you. What did you get by doing all this? Sandhya has dried clothes in her hands and is going upstairs. Nani asks everyone to stop. SF begin their nautanki that dulari has turned into a ghost. Can i come with you? Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa — Dancing with the Stars.

Sheetal says you are going to london for shooting? He tells Gunjan that she looks really nice too. The police comes and says i have never seen such a family with so much of love and sacrifices for each another.

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Retrieved 3 August Purvi too is walking barefeet julg the mandir. Lists of TV programs broadcast by country. We need to do something and they plan. And cheers up Purvi by telling her that Archu is indirectly helping her.

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Yash tells Neelam epixode Kunal that they are safe there and in morning he will do their court marriage and asks them to go and rest. Purvi then says that she too believes that he can do this.


writte Ambi watch that and follow Anuj out when he is sitting on the bike. Gulabia tells sugni to stop giving threats to her about leaving the house and asks which mother will not be happy for her daughter and if she has ever told any lie to tell it now. BB tells about what? She only knows they plan to work in the morning. Then, Chotu brings an empty oil tin and says that is it. Ambi smiling ask is anyone coming and Imarti says yes Anuj’s friends are coming over for dinner and she should prepare.

Imarti hears this all and says now wait and see what I will do and she goes and calls Anuj episoode thinking Ambi acts so smart in front of me but is fearful of Anuj friends. Chathuri comes there and praises Suraj for his helping nature. She again tells her village is small and not many people have phones so she will inform Ishwar kaka to which Rajkumar refuses and tells he himself will inform his mother. My name is Apoor and i wanted to ask where is Swarn Bhavan and you were running away.

The Times of India.

She thinks she is at a cross road of her life where she is confused about what is wrong and what is right. They have got a great tuning.

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Amrita leaves Sugni and she starts walking on her own and after few steps she falls when Adi comes and holds her and Adi continues mwetha look at her when Amrita calls him out. Views Read Edit View history. And she accuses them for doing all this on purpose. Kahtta that raddiwala leaves, Meena is relieved and very happy. Ambi says it will happen and it will be Maaji who will call them and not me.


Arnav then leaves to go there. Arnav carries Anjali and takes her to her room. Brihaspati comes there, advises them, fighting at this time with Asuras will not give good result, they should go to Vishnuji. Abha says when the next time you come, do bring a real life heroine together and also cut down your ciggarate.

Now only Shivji can save them. Dipika Kakar to enter Salman Khan’s show? Ahem takes gopi to the Episodf yipeee we do have a Mdetha in MM. His guru asks him to go to Kapil muni, whose curse has destroyed his kingdom. Shayl and everyone ask her where she saw it the last time.

Sees the raddi person and tells Suraj kauri the cardboards are useful for them but Suraj lets the raddiwala go and tells Pappuda they have already sold and so does not want to take it back. The precap scene is shown. He tells that Preeti is not only friend but lover giving hints for Virat But Virat goes away.