I got one more question, I’m gonna bring my Diana Mini out with me on new years eve, can you recommend a particular ISO brand of film to try out?? Get two Diana Instant Square Classic Editions, two flashes and eight lens attachments at an exclusive Kickstarter price! Some will do it at a great inconvience if you are really nice, but they might not like you later. The Legendary Diana Aesthetic: The following images were taken at Grosmont in the UK. The process chemicals, order, and temperatures for most color negative film is called C Pledge now to join the journey! Boots are also good but more expensive.

Here you need a fast film. Playapixie 9 years ago. You can get it done at a number of labs Our expert testers are loving the lo-fi magic of our very first Diana Instant Square prototypes. On Square Format Instant Film: The Detrich Collection – World’s biggest collection of original Diana cameras. I will always include links to find out more for those keen.

Sunny is no longer sunny, lomoraphy now represents cloudy…. The Diana camera was the very definition of lo-fi. The following images were taken at Grosmont in the UK. A slow film has less grain, to a regular photographer, this is desirable, but with all the cool chromatic aberration check it out on google and flares you get with a Diana, as a newbie or even lomgraphy advanced Lomographer, does a bit of grain matter? Processing color negative film in slide chemicals and slide film in color negative chemicals is called cross processing.

Jun 20, – Jul 20, 30 days. All you need to do to start embracing the unexpected with the Diana Instant Square is follow these three simple steps…. You will either have to get it processed as slides or cross processed as I’ve described above. We’re wwelcher “drop shipping” to backers in Thailand, which means that there will be no additional import costs to pay upon receipt of your items.

I’d be even more cautious with that in terms of film speed as I find it doesn’t drink up light in lomograpyy same way the Mini does!


Diana mini, 35mm iso?

For all shipping and handling details, please refer to the FAQs. Even an interior with large windows and lots of sunlight streaming into them with be quite a bit darker than outdoors. When working in Spain my base is near Valencia.

Funding period Jun 20, – Jul 20, 30 days. loomgraphy

Best 35mm film | Diana Mini | Flickr

If you shoot on a sunny day on the sunny setting you will do fine. The same can be wrlcher of redscale. They’re little sparks of beauty, each one captivating in its individuality. Our commitment to excellence means that the first shipment is set to go out in December.

So I’m thinking speed would be great in the mini on a sunny day. If you want color negative film cross processed in slide chemicals, you will have to go to a pro lab. Trying out Lomography films has also been part of my adventure. It was the early s. It absolutely won’t, but there’s no use arguing.

I’ll have to reverse the film myself which, to be honest, isn’t that difficult. Jump inside this exclusive gallery to discover their freshest snaps! Once you get cloud cover I’d use You have to think.

JDMvWDec 14, I’ve tried lots of different film, but not as many different types as a lot of people around here.

Most mini labs have to send out slide film, so they can only cross process slide as color negative for you. I got one more question, I’m gonna bring my Diana Mini out with me on new years eve, can you recommend a particular ISO brand of film to try out?? With fully manual settings, you can craft a frame to suit your style. No two shots will ever be the same. Try out the different lenses and get close to your subject.

Austen Loev 9 years ago.

Basics Applied: The Diana F+

The process for most slide film is called E Cherrybomb Ink 9 years ago. Look through the bright viewfinder, or toss it aside and shoot from the hip.


Color negative film has such a wide latitude that you can hardly tell the difference if it’s over- or underexposed by a couple of stops.

Besuch’ die West Licht Galerie in Wien, um dir eine einmalige Ausstellung zu den Fotografinnen, die die dokumentarische Fotografie angetrieben haben, an. Mini skirts were swinging into fashion, and Beatlemania was taking the world by storm. Choose to compose, or abandon the viewfinder and shoot from the hip. I would agree with Patrick, indoors with a camera like the diana and no flash it wouldn’t matter what speed film you have your probably going to have underexposed images.

Film speeds usually go from, I’d do whatever the manual suggests, but in the absence of instructions, I’d try a roll of ISO or so first. Once scanned you can put them onto CD or flash drive and take it to any lab to have printed. Practice first with color negative or black and white. Edited by Gimel Vav member 9 years ago. Reward no longer available 88 backers. Because of this, you need to choose a faster film than you might think. This is a wonderful experience when you get it right, it makes the water look unreal and almost everything in the shot is in focus.

The Splitzer gave me the images below. Pledge now to join the journey! Cross processing C standard stuff you buy at the drug store in slide chemicals is much less common than the other way around. In a small manufactory in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, engineers were knocking together a little camera that would change the face of photography forever.

Blurry pictures are usually caused by camera shake.