To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Mayank accepts a post for professor at Excel at Mrs. Police takes Yash away. Her parents, Shashi and Ratna, form a negative opinion about Mayank. Gunjan, now a grievance counselor , is emotionally shattered. You are commenting using your WordPress. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Samrat and Gunjan go on their first date. Dia comes to respect her siblings and friends after seeing their support for her during her low phase. Why are we talking on this marriage topic? Television daily soap Leave a Comment. Adhiraj soon decides to call off the wedding, but before he can tell his father he is accidentally knocked out by Uday, so Mayank reluctantly replaces Adhiraj at the wedding ceremony. Archived from the original on 5 June Next scene, its all four of them, i.

Nupur now rejoins Excel as a student to complete her studies. However, when Ash gets to know of this, she tells Mayank the truth. And then scene, walking by the play court in the college campus is again lost in her thoughts, wondering whether she is thinking right or not?

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When apologizing on the night of Diwali, Samrat for the first time in three years notices his given engagement ring back on Gunjan’s finger. The show ends with the gang returning to Excel one last time and expressing their views on College life.

Dia is horrified by the news of their arrival to Excel and does everything mhjt her power to make their lives miserable but vain.

mjhf His intent was to kill the others and keep Nupur for himself. Samrat finds Nupur’s pregnancy strip and confronts her over the phone. The gang decides to go for a vacation with the goal of getting Gunjan to walk again.

The gang manages to prove his innocence in court and both Sheena and Ranvijay leave. Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye Scene pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun Sajda tera sajda, karun mein tera sajda Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon Sajda sajaan sajda karun mein tera sajda Rak vaar karoon meri jaan lut doon. After Samrat’s heartfelt proposal she recovers to find herself paralysed from the waist down.


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Next scene at the police station, Mayank n Suhaani are there …M is mjhy to convince the Insp. He leaves from there too n Sam-Mayank walk inside…. Nupur assumes their relationship is over and is furious. Samrat, on the other hand decides to help Mayank find Nupur.

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During the brief time spent in jail Samrat realizes his intense love for Gunjan because of others’ remarks since that day. At a point, both Mayank and Ash takes Mjyt advice to move forward. By fate, Nupur finds Mayank and takes him to the hospital.

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Samrat and Gunjan go on their first date. Will you not marry me, then?

And while this walk towards the OT, Nupur just keeps trying to wake her up n asks Samrat what happened? As Nupur, Gunjan, Mayank and Samrat speed to the airport, the brakes suddenly fail due to which Samrat careens the car off the road and the principal characters are involved in a life-changing accident.

The episode starts with the police scene, where Adhiraj has led them to the goons by spotting one of their bikes hidden in rag …they look around n as they find the goon, the police beat them n arrests them all….

They talk a little more on how their lives would turn out in future… 1 st June: Samrat and Gunjan are happily married and weason in their respective careers. Sheena Preeti Keswania talented and attractive actress, enters Excel along with Ranvijay Khushank Aroraa daredevil rich and spoilt playboy. Then he demands to meet Adhiraj …but here again, Insp. Suhaani had been living in London with their mother before coming to Excel to reunite with Samrat.


Scenws gang returns home with their relationships strengthened when a baby girl, as a prank, enters the life of Samrat, Mayank, Benji, Adhiraj, and Secnes with a letter falsely claiming that one of them is seaso father.

At first, Mayank pretends to be angry but then he comforts her by saying that Nupur had given him immense pleasure by telling this to him. Gunjan, however, unable to allow herself be a burden, assures her father that she is not in love with him. Di did you come here to talk to me about Samrat? Mayank, disregarding his love, feuds with Nupur, though later they too become fast friends.

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Later, Mayank and Nupur sort out their differences and retake their wedding vows and Zajan confesses his love to Gunjan. You are commenting using your WordPress. Nupur begins college by repeatedly receiving Mayank as a project partner and travelling partner, while Gunjan gets pushed into a talent parade by Samrat and returns the support by tutoring him. Ratna scenfs Samrat as well for his disruption during a religious ritual and asks him to leave immediately.

We see Samrat once again kneeling n proposing to Gunjan in front of crowd scnees the road …she accepts …n then he gives her a hand made ring for the moment, as a token of his Love!. Now the episode, well after a long time it stated with the title song …really is was refreshing to see it after so long!!

While doing this Uday loses the money to the unconscious man and Gunjan discovers that Nupur and Mayank are back to terms.