Which means we get a hilarious scene of the Vice Principal trying to squeeze his car into a narrow parking spot. He may have a scary presence but his fatherly concern for his daughter is the same as any parent. He does Se-yi slightly grimaces, heh and the gesture earns him a punch to the jaw. There were 3 other sites that I use to visit but they seem to be down or no longer posting video links: Where’s a handy bomb shelter when she needs one? They get their dramas from Dramafever, so you might as well go straight to the source. I only hope that this is the first of many to come.

Speaking of Sun-woo aka Mr. Now they know about her parentage, with her gangster boss for a father and her room salon owner for a mother. Kim Yoo Hyun Supporting Cast. Gah, that look of reserved guilt just about kills me. I was excited after Hyorin’s little preview earlier Whether someone likes you or not, or you like them, you need to communicate better, and bullying or non-verbal grunts doesn’t always do it. OTOH, the choir they brought in at the end was pretty fantastic, but it just highlights how poor the performance was up until that point. I want more Nana-SunWoo duets.

The duet on youtube: We move onto the other broken bromance.

Ash July 2, at dramaanice I don’t play an instrument, so I know very little about orchestra settings I was in choir all my life. Big Issue Episodes AnneOfGreenGable July 3, at 7: I am dying to see when they will use Monstar. Oh, and she gave Seolchan a well-deserved punch across the jaw, which earns her bonus points in my eyes.


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Se-yi is slowly realizing her feelings for Seol-chan, which means, maybe, that Sun-woo will start to show more interest in Nana, once he realizes Se-yi doesn’t return his feelings. It was well acted, and I get that he felt terrible for making her cry again and couldn’t figure out how to express it, but physically overpowering her isn’t the way to solve that.

As I already mentioned above: Lee Sung Min Cameo. Can he regain his superstardom?

Monstar Ep 1 Eng Sub Kissasian

I agree it was well acted but can they stop doing that? So Do-nam shares his hypothesis about Nana based upon what he previously overheard.

While it’s nice to see a fan able to participate on an even keel with her idol and both of them developing a real relationship not the one promoted by the agencies, a riff on the relationships theme – I do think this writer might not rest on making Eun Ha a mere plot device and I wonder whether she might be a songwriter?

Although, I laugh out loud every time they show Jaerok getting ready to play his cymbals, it’s such a random choice of instrument to play with an orchestra, haha.


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Worse, even with the paid subscription, Hulu has ad interference, which is very annoying. Officially shipping Nana and Sun-woo too.

His past have made draamanice, cold, cynical and hot temper that get him in many troubles. Ack, so you do know that she can sing!

I love you from afar but you’re too good for me Thanks for the recap. Next thing we know, he scares the bejesus out of Se-yi on dra,anice way home.

Daughter of a gangster. I pretty much abused the replay button for the duet and then some. Color Bar’s music is really good, current, and their front man woman peisode wearing a hotter outfit that All For One’s. I wish Kyu-Dong will become more confident and showcase his talent soon.

It’s exactly the kind of song that snooty rich kids like that would pick: I hope it maintains this good all the way and then I can have it to marathon: I’ve seen better performances than that.

I love all of your ships!

Ash July 2, at 2: TV Monstar Episode 1. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!