To match the movie scene, Adam went from a brightly lit area into total darkness, then to the course; his goal was to reach the other end without knocking over any glasses. So clearly fuel efficiency is not the source of the problem. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Description 1 online resource Series Proceedings, Contents New chassis systems — New chassis systems and methods — Simulation — Vehicle handling optimization and control — Chassis architectures — Simulators — Highly automated driving — Functional safety — Brake development methods — Future brake systems and technologies — Tire technology and trends — Components of the chassis — Steering feel and steer-by-wire — New requirements and solutions in brake development — Future technology Summary In chassis development, the three aspects of safety, vehicle dynamics and ride comfort are at the top of the list of challenges to be faced. Robert Rodriguez would love to return for Alita: Jamie talks about how some of the myths involving explosives would otherwise be illegal if the bomb range was not available. Judging the myth confirmed at this point, Adam and Jamie noted that a detonation might have sent the covers even higher.

Despite the trouble with balance and poor acceleration, he was able to navigate through every obstacle in the course. Army sniper Dave Liwanag for some preliminary tests to measure the time it took for a bullet to reach its target. The Build Team built a merry-go-round, placed it on a firing range, and found that 8. Can Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster? Adam and Jamie tested three impromptu remedies for a flat tire in the wilderness, without a spare being available. Adam and Jamie built an obstacle course in the shop and used it to determine the minimum light level needed to see by. September 27, Chris Del Castillo.

Abandoned areas are featured in this entry, with a special focus on the abandoned residential neighborhood nicknamed by the crew as “Zombie Town. The second myth to be tested on goes to Adam and Jamie.

MYTHBUSTERS season premiere: “Bikes and Bazookas”

Doubling the sample size gave a larger blast, and shooting one jar in a stack of five created a chain reaction that mythbsuters them all off.

MythBusters episodes American television seasons. The episode ends with a montage of explosions from myths tested on the range. Shooting at the C-4 with different. The Build Team obtained the same result with a truck tire, prompting them to declare the myth busted. C-4 plastic explosive is stable enough to burn without exploding and can be used to cook food, but a mechanical shock to the burning material will set it off. Chris Del Castillo posts Growing up Chris watched a lot of the original Saturday morning cartoons and developed a love for arts and animation.


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A part of me would love to go back and focus more on science and metal work, just to be able to do similar things. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have episoode images for this title? The cars were placed to present one side toward the blast, with the disks and figures behind the front end.

Kari spoke with antique armor expert Greg Martin, who explained that paper armor was in use as early as BC and was built up from layers that may have been impregnated with resin or shellac. However, after Grant fitted a sail onto the cart, the prop could not move it due to the equal and opposite forces acting on the ship and the blown air.

Retrieved from ” https: My Account Library Home. Can you patch the fuselage of a plane with duct tape? Based mythbuaters a scene in the film Red. Can a sailboat stranded in calm water start moving by blowing air into its sail with an onboard fan? The Build Team set up small-scale eoisode in the shop, using a wheeled cart on a tabletop, and Kari found that a forward-facing model airplane propeller could generate enough thrust to push it backward. By carefully manipulating the boom, bucket, and tracks, he was able to lean the front end against the tailgate, then turn the cabin around and lift the rear end off the ground so he could drive into the cargo bed.

Would people presented with the Monty Hall problem be more likely to win if they changed their decision? Springer Vieweg, Online access available from: Audible Download Audio Books. This didn’t really seem to be a myth worth devoting half an episode to.

MythBusters Episode Bikes and Bazookas

If a pressure-triggered bomb is cooled with liquid nitrogen, can its detonation be delayed long enough for a person to seek protection, as seen in Lethal Weapon 2? After they assembled it and watched its owner take a test flight to confirm its airworthiness, Kari used a pair of clawed gloves to shred the relevant portions of the fuselage.


Pilots Specials. Mar 15, Location: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Can airplanes save fuel by flying in a V-formation like a flock of birds? For both of the two-gun techniques, Adam and Jamie used twice as many bullets, which still gave an accurate comparison because the doubled amount of time counteracted the doubled scoring opportunities.

Can the mythbustrrs of an airplane toilet leak out mid-flight and freeze into ad lethal projectile?

Adam and Jamie decided to test the myth bbikes walking, swimming, and driving. They classified the myth as busted, and Jamie attributed this result to the fact that anti-pollution technology has advanced faster for cars than for motorcycles. They set up two excavators rather than one as shown in the video on a barge and had a tugboat tow them 0.

You could only imagine how much fun the team got from the first ever RPGs fired on Mythbusters. The students chosen in that test were all from the high school where Jamie’s wife has been a longtime science teacher. Himself – Host Robert Lee None of their shots turned the merry-go-round more than a fraction of an inch, but they did punch holes through the rails. They then tested the possibility of a stuck accelerator and no steering.

The power of explosions! Battle Angel sequel February 23, Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Next, Grant and Tory tried to sandwich Kari’s car from either side and managed to stop bazookkas, though they began to spin out somewhat.