Is your own definition of Omoluabi I’m really sorry for quoting you In a minute, a massive crowd had gathered. I am an avid historian and I see u cover all aspects of things. Who cares about being in Prison? I have been hearing operation wetie since I was a toddler but I have never heard the details of the so-called operation wetie until today. In accordance with the Peace Treaty, he resigned his appointment as the Deputy Governor of the State.

Their Lordships reviewed and approved it. His Lordship began by identifying the task before the Tribunal. God save Nigerian and her citizens. It was a two-day meeting that Awolowo summoned. You are right, Tedytee. Thanks to annaruch of the whitehouse photo office for sending this photographs through as captured by petesouza since I was with my camera and couldn’t have had this image if they didn’t help. If there were cracks in the wall before Ajasin left for Lagos, the cracks widened upon his return.

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Bode Olowoporoku as the Commissioner for Economic Planning; the decision to establish six branches of the Owena Bank in different parts of the State; and the appointment of all full-time members of corporations, amongst others.

This was the state of affairs flul the time came for nominations for the General Election.

That true After checking like 6 times, I finally saw your side view All party elders and leaders in the state were invited to the meeting. Thank you for improving my knowledge. This assumption was not without basis. In accordance with the Peace Treaty, he resigned his appointment as the Deputy Governor of the State. Ajasin however did not die. It was at this point that the UPN directed its agents to withdraw from the collation centre.

At 71 inhe had earned his stripes as a tested administrator, legislator, school principal, and as a member of the Federal Advisory Council. At the collation centre, FEDECO turned around to inform the parties that the only result recorded in the prescribed form was to be admissible.


He shook my hands and gave me a pat on my back as he was told I look like him Oyo State was another theatre of war. Ajasin later lived to full age before passing on in his Owo hometown.

I thank you very warmly for taking the time to read the story. Omoluabi representing wella Not like that governors of wailers fayose Omoboriowk is what Omoluabi is known for. Is your own definition of Omoluabi I’m really sorry for quoting you The crowd was not finished.

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You can continue to live in your myopic little world It was becoming clear that nothing would stop him from exercising his constitutional right to re-contest in Man shall not live by power alone!

On January 19,a peace meeting was called at the palace of the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti. Once a building was identified for her, out came her magical egg and the next moment the building would be on fire. People began to wonder what was going on. He was killed along with his brother, James Fagbamigbe. U sir for your well articulated report. This resulted into a stalemate. It would be nice Sir if you can narrate omovoriowo story about the friendship between the Olowo of Owo and Ajasin and how it caused the Omoboruowo to be dethroned in Finally, on October 15,the Supreme Court delivered its judgment in the case of Omboriowo v.

He never recovered politically or ommoboriowo his legal practice.

Omoboriowo – Latest Yoruba [Premium] Movie Drama Full[HD]

The people of Ondo State woke up on the morning of August 16, to a popular song of victory being played on Radio Nigeria, Akure. It’s really worth the wait.

Sunday, 24 February at What an interesting read. Chief Ajasin called 40 witnesses to prove his petition. Not closing down state institutions He is meeting an ex President that doesn’t wield any clout again and you are singing like a canary bird. Emdee 19 January at To prevent the festering wound from becoming an open sore, the leaders of Unity Party of Nigeria mandated Chief Abraham Adesanya to look into the crisis.


Unknown 14 January at He’s representing wella Omoluabi rere. What was however certain was that Ajasin, his advanced age notwithstanding, was proving to be a very competent leader who was performing creditably well. The state became polarized as government functionaries began to pitch their tent omoborioow for or against the governor.

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Onigegewura, thanks for the update. See How To Advertise. In a twinkle of an eye, the office was up in flames. By the ful, His Lordship arrived at the 6 th local government, the pendulum had almost swung completely away from Omoboriowo.

He would later state that Buhari was right to have jailed him and the others at the time. Omoboriowo, on the other hand, was youthful and vibrant.

No one was ready to complete the question! Posted by Wale Akala at Four days after the judgment, Chief Omoboriowo granted a media interview where he was reported to have said that justice was miscarried in his case because of an alleged fear of assassination on the part of the five-man panel headed by Justice Orojo: The Tribunal then proceeded to consider the evidence led in respect of each of the seven disputed local governments.