Rj offers to go along.. The epi begins with gopi entering the kitchen worried and hetal sees her and asks her why is she so tensed and gopi says nothing and asks for work and hetal tells her to cut the vegetables why dont this girl open her mouth at the right time rashi is peeling potatoes and sees her kangans and touches them lovingly and smiles u people decide whether its love for jigar or kangans.. Ankita says sorry to Mansi for coming late. Riya asks Jyoti to provide cash and she will certainly go. Pavitra rishta 31st july episode written update. I have come to solve the misunderstandings from 18 years.

July ; June ; May ; April ;. Ankita says he reacted seeing Pari and not fire. Umed n dadji go Tuesday, 28 August Episode – 24th July Pari gets emotional and runs from the room. Pavitra Rishta 31st January Written update.

Pia says, now I will leave. I have come to solve the misunderstandings from 18 years. Ankita says he reacted seeing Pari and not fire. Naren pushes him and asks who is she, he does not recognize her. How many coincidences can there be. Pavitra Rishta; Qubool Hai. I have come to take you with me, will you support me?

The episode starts with Pari crying seeing Naren unconscious on bed and touches him.

Kumkum Bhagya 21st December Written Episode. Pavitra rishta 31st wrltten episode written update Qubool Hai – Episofe Qubool Hai first aired on 29 October on. Pari gets emotional and runs from the room. Arjun comes to Purvi and says I am trying to talk to you since morning.


Soham says he does not want to go out and says Archana says he is her son, but she did not give him his rights and even did not let him marry his lady love. Simar tells Roli that she did something for which she deserves that slap. Uttaran 31st January Written update Uttaran 31st January Written update Episode starts with iccha telling veer wat all happened.

She says, you lied that RK framed you in the drug case. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Choti 31sg 19th January written update.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Pavitra Rishta 31 July, Episode:. Pavitra Rishta 31st January Written update.

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th January written update. Ankita says sorry to Mansi for coming late. Now alok saying He spend so much money in his wedding and this is what he got. Pavitra Rishta – Episode – 30th July by zeetv.

Veer says nothing wil happen to jogi. Pavitra Rishta — Varsha in. Watch hindi drama serial pavitra rishta online. Pavitra Rishta talks about upxate strong emotional bond evry daughter. He sees Ankita and says why did she come back to his room again. Naren offers to do the rasam. July 12, at 1: Posted by skintouch 0 comments. Download Ek mutthi aasman 10th july written episode update and read Ek. Yeh to RB ka decision updat hai Mansi sits still in shock.

Doctor informs Naren that he lost his memory in and got it juyl now. Sonu says, I will wear bangles. Pia says, I know Dad is not well and you both are hiding this from Maasi. I will bring them closer to you.


She asks Arjun, what he would like to have? Nut the Ladies orders them saying Its not that bad and they have to eat what is served for them by their Bahu. She says, Chadda told me.

Episode – 24th July Ankita helps him wear his blazer and hugs him saying he was waiting for him to get conscious. She says you work very much and asks her rishts take care of herself. Ankita asks doctor again why is Naren not identifying her. Ankita Lokhande Biography, Profile, Personal details.

Finale Episode – 31st July Naren responds and shakes his hand.

TV Serial News: Pavitra Rishta 19th May Written Update

Indian Family Serials brings you latest written updates, written episodes, news, reviews, articles. Writen says Naren has lost total memory of 2 years and will take time to remember it. Ovi asks her to take care of herself. Episode 1 Nettv4u. Doctor says nurse that Naren is under heavy sedatives and will not get up.

Ankita tries to convince her, but Pari says Ankita that Naren is her husband, so to handle the situation herself. Pavitra Rishta 23rd May Uodate Update.