Danny arrives with a mysterious woman called Eve who he first saw in the future; having rescued her from Christine Johnson, they endeavour to save everyone from the stampede. Add the first question. Danny Quinn Jason Flemyng. With time running out, Connor attempts to sabotage the machine at “New Dawn” but ends up being pulled through the giant anomaly to an unknown location. Holding her at gunpoint, Helen steals the artifact, pushes Johnson through an anomaly to be butchered by Future Predators , and vows once again to stop the ARC’s work from destroying the world. As the team fight for their survival, Stephen deals with a Silurian Scorpion which Leek has unleashed onto a busy beach.

Helen delights in her apparent victory, but a Raptor that followed Danny through the anomaly charges at Helen and knocks her off a cliff, killing them both. Helen escapes from custody at the Home Office by taking the team to an anomaly that unleashes a flock of dodos. The team decide they must stop Helen before she kills anyone else. They find a Scutosaurus in the forest and discover a time anomaly that leads to the late Permian period, million years ago. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The raptor awakes and kills Henry.

However, things get complicated when Jack Robert Lowe decides to find out what his sister Abby really does for a living, and inadvertently drives through an anomaly into the future: An anomaly opens at the West London Hospital, causing cute but dangerous Diictodon to emerge.

Audible Download Audio Books. The anomalies and the creatures are finally public knowledge. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Prrimeval.

Meanwhile, bloodthirsty raptors are rampaging through a shopping mall and the team are called in to deal with the situation. Upon his return to the present Cutter is shocked to discover that Claudia Brown has disappeared and apparently never existed in this world.

A Pristichampsusbelieved in Ancient Egypt to be the demon Ammutemerges and proceeds to wreak havoc in London. With a young but dangerous theropod dinosaur aboard the submarine, the ARC team then work alongside its naval counterparts to restore power and return through the anomaly before it closes or before they are attacked by an oncoming pod of Liopleurodon.


Connor uses his device to open an anomaly within the ARC. Abby and Connor join them while Becker, Lester, and Jess deal with the ongoing creature threat. After taking the mammoth back to the ARC, Cutter decides to set a trap to root out the traitor in their midst, leaving Lester to fight for his life against a Future Predator that has infiltrated the ARC.

After failing to stop Philip and having been pulled through the “New Dawn” anomaly, Connor finds himself in a barren wasteland where Future Predators are the only obvious life.

Share this Rating Title: Matt reveals to Emily that her husband plans to have her confined in a madhouse and the pair head back to the present, being followed through the anomaly by her husband, Henry, who holds Matt at gunpoint. Retrieved 12 December Matt rescues Emily, but Ethan escapes. With everything seemingly back to normal and Connor and Abby going to get married, a new anomaly is detected and as the team head out to the field, Matt comes face to face with a battered version of himself who says: Using powerful lights to send the spiders back, the team are then attacked by the true killer, an Arthropleurawhich bites and poisons Stephen Hart James Murray.

Primeval: Series 4 Webisodes

Meanwhile, over at Matt’s flat, Emily is kidnapped by Ethan. Connor’s new anomaly detector is set up in the ARC, but there are fears that the device will not work when another violent attack is reported at Blue Sky amusement park. Wireless TV Series All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from January Articles with dead external links from July Articles with dead external links from January Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Use dmy dates from April A year later, both in real and series time, Series 4 began introduced by a webisode prologue with Lester now reporting to an industrialist, Philip Burton, who has secret plans to use anomalies, and with a new team leader, Matt Anderson.

The episode concludes with Connor and April creating the first man-made anomaly. A young girl searching for her dog ends up stuck on the other side of an anomaly, leading Cutter and Stephen to mount a rescue mission into the sandy deserts of the Silurian.


Abby and Connor return and have to win back their places on the team.

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Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Helen delights in her apparent victory, but a Raptor that followed Danny through the anomaly charges at Helen and knocks her off a cliff, killing them both. Seaspn Page’s death is revealed. The first series revolves around “the team” forming, primevsl several creature attacks in the Forest of Deanas well as Nick Cutter ‘s search for Helen Cutterhis missing wife, who had suddenly reappeared after eight years. New team leader Matt Anderson [6] is shown to have a secret agenda, reporting to “Gideon”.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A pair of webisodew opens in a prison, one to the Pliocene allowing a Terror Bird Phorusrhacid to attack, and Danny Quinn to return.

Primeval: Webisodes

Torchwoods exclusive, behind the scenes show, with interviews with the cast and crew for each individual episode. Danny arrives with flamethrowers to try and burn Bentley as he is already infected not realising fire doesn’t work. A Pteranodon turns promeval at a golf course, and a golfer is killed.

After a fight with Abby, April is killed by a swarm of Anurognathus.

Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board. Welcome to the world of Wireless, which sees Archived from the original on 13 January Jess Parker Anton Lesser Davies, Richard Stokes, John Barrowman. Danny Quinn Jason Flemyng. Jess prrimeval bitten by one of the beetles and has a reaction to the bite, slipping into unconsciousness while the team’s initial plan to poison the creatures fails.

Unknown to the team, Connor Temple ‘s Andrew-Lee Potts friends, Prkmeval Jake Curran and Duncan James Bradshawcapture one of the dodos, but when Tom is infected by the parasite and goes on the rampage, Cutter and the team must find him before they have a pandemic on their hands.