Repeat Currency Exchange?

Repeat Currency Exchange?

Sending Regular International Money Transfers?

Save £100’s every year with HiFX.

Whether you have bought an overseas property or are renting abroad, you will still need to buy and transfer currency on a regular basis for a variety of reasons including:

  • foreign mortgage payments.
  • pension transfers.
  • rental income repatriation.
  • or simply funding a home in the sun.

Currency Sense have teamed up with Europe’s leading foreign exchange specialists HiFX, to provide customers with a regular payments abroad service designed to remove the stress organising regular currency transfers can create. They can help you fix the exchange rates for up to 24 months into the future, and because the process is fully automated via direct debit you’ll never miss a payment.

The service is currently used to make over 50,000 payments every year, and the benefits include:

  • FREE
    No transfer charges!
    Unlike most banks, with HiFX every monthly transfer is free (which alone could save you over £300 each year).
  • FREE
    No bank receiving charges!
    HiFX has eliminated all international bank receipt charges!*
  • FREE
    No Commission!
    With HiFX all transfers are commission free. Most banks can charge as much as 2% per transfer.
  • FREE
    Stress free!
    Fix the rate for up to 24 months so you will know exactly how much money is being debited from your UK account every month and because all payments are made via direct debit, the whole process is automated for total peace of mind.

Click to save up to £100’s EVERY year on your Currency Exchanges!

Or to contact a qualified foreign exchange specialist, email:

* In the event that a client is charged we will arrange a full refund upon proof in the form of a bank statement (Sterling equivalent). Note: this does not include the cost of you transferring the funds to HiFX and any charges incurred where the funds being sent are in a different currency than the destination bank account.