But for a story set in Minoa with a very American Samson and a Delilah with a heavy Viennese accent, the film may have already been in trouble by Edith’s standards. Once you save your settings the first time you will receive a confirmation email. Where Profiles arranges and bills for such services via invoice or credit card, Profiles will include an administration charge. These are based upon various factors including prices recently paid at auction for comparable property, condition, rarity, quality, history, provenance. You may attend pre-sale viewing for all of our auctions at no charge. Profiles reserves the right to refuse to accept bids from anyone. Public previews at the Paley Center for Media, N. Uses of Wikidata Infobox.

DeMille oc ; film uit van Cecil B. Samson rips apart his chains and ropes and begins to combat the Philistines, toppling Ahtur’s war chariot and using the jawbone of an ass to club the Philistine soldiers to death. Condition reports, as other descriptions of property, are not warranted; they are only provided as a service to interested clients. But she could not act her way out of a paper bag. The Voice of God. In addition to descriptive information, each entry in the catalog includes a price range which reflects opinion as to the price expected at auction. Retrieved October 10,

Profiles shall be entitled to retain the premiums and other amounts paid to Profiles – this remedy is as to the consignor only. But Baxter, whose horrid squat body DeMille liked because he thought it was reminiscent of Colbert Movke thinklooked anything but seductive and beautiful in those flimsy constructions. It was successfully re-released in November Occasionally the auctioneer may eliminate or reject an iCollector live bid, and the auctioneer may also reopen a lot after the close of the iCollector live bidding typically but not always because a floor bid or a telephone bid was missedand your bid may be rejected even if you were shown to be the winning bidder.

Hedy Lamarr “Delilah” peacock-feather eye two-piece gown from Samson and Delilah

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Her plan works; she cuts his hair, which he feels gives him his strength. Much richer than the flimsy nylon stuff Ann Baxter wore in The Ten commandments. Retrieved July 9, It depicts the biblical story of Samsona strongman whose secret lies in his uncut hair, and his love for Delilahthe woman who seduces him, discovers his secret, and then betrays him to the Philistines.

The auctioneer will accept bids from those present in the salesroom or absentee bidders participating by telephone, internet or by written bid left with Profiles in advance of the auction. DeMille ca ; Film von Cecil B. Samsona Danite Hebrew placed under Nazirite vows from birth by his mother Hazelelponitis engaged to a Philistine woman named Semadar. Any violation of the terms of this Paragraph shall entitle the affected party to reasonable attorney fees and litigation costs in addition to all other available remedies, all of which remain reserved.

It’s strange that this film has been largely forgotten even though it was the highest-grossing movie of and started the bible epics craze of ‘s and 60’s.

She initially had betrayed him because she wanted to avenge the deaths of her father and sister, which she thought were caused “because of Samson. Color has seldom been more lushly or unmistakably used. She takes these long, deep, languid breaths and exhales slowly.

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Samson and Delilah Original theatrical release poster. Possession and Removal; Charges. My Other Etsy Shop. Did you get to see it?

Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription. The fabrics looked thin and cheap. If a lot does not reach the reserve, it is bought-in. The Emperor’s Old Clothes.

Samson Slaying a Philistine Giambologna, c. Variety appreciated the film’s cast by writing, ” Victor Mature fits neatly into the role of the handsome but dumb hulk of muscle that both the Bible and DeMille make of the Samson character.


Hedy Lamarr “Delilah” peacock-feather eye two-piece gown from Samson and Delilah

The New York Times. DeMille and released by Paramount Pictures.

Ask the auctioneer a question Another girl in the same scene wore a school of glittery tropical fish. I can’t believe there are gays here who actually believe The 10 Commandment’s costumes are inferior to Samson and Delilah’s!!!

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Angela really was homely but she still wanted to play the leading romantic roles. Samson rips apart his chains and ropes and begins to combat the Philistines, toppling Ahtur’s war chariot and using the jawbone of an ass to club the Philistine soldiers to death.

Here’s a nice trailer someone made and posted to YouTube that gives a great idea of how it all looks! It’s still wonderfully preserved but without Hedy’s body and face atatched to it it looks rather plain.

This omission–or avoidance–occurred in the early days of the witch hunt into Communist–often Jewish–influence when Hollywood studio chiefs were very sensitive to the fact that the film industry was generally considered to be run by Jews.

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In no event shall Profiles be liable mlvie incidental, special, indirect, exemplary or consequential damages of any kind, including but not limited to loss of profits, value of investment or opportunity cost. I find Hedy’s gown’s sleeves, reminiscent of a s tee shirt, quite amusing. Adding to his dramatization of the movid story, DeMille bought the rights to Judge and Foola novel by Vladimir Jabotinsky which portrayed Delilah as the younger sister of Samson’s wife.

Yes, Anne Baxter was a dreadful actress with a stumpy lousy figure. Profiles is in compliance, to the fullest extent possible, with California procedures regarding the bonding of auctioneers.