Am not sure what we know and what the characters know but I think this conversation took place. It was Lee Joon-gi ‘s comeback acting project after being discharged from military service in February Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. It was clear that Dol-swe always had the heart for the people and wanted to serve them, and was given the opportunity to do so when the magistrate’s post was opened to all regardless of status. At first, Eun-oh rejects her request. Just wanted to mention that the forgetfulness drink exists in Chinese mythology too, except that it is soup instead of water.

I’m anti-helpless woman in tower syndrome Will you accept my heart? Not your usual avenging ghost story”. Mom turns to Arang and gives her a nod, which Arang returns; it rather feels like a father giving away a bride to her groom. Overall I did thoroughly enjoy this show from start to finish, because it really did feel like thought and care was put into the construction of an entire world, where mythology and rules were important because they certainly are to me. I agree the death was too swift, I opt for more gnashing, torture kind of suffering that will lead to death. For an end that is happy but entirely — satisfactory?

It’s hardly a feint, to me, to have the Gamer-Gods pull a shifty-maneuver in the 11th hour. It has very little, if not nothing, to do with Song JoongKi being a pretty boy waith a sizable fan-base and if you want to argue with that point, I should say that Lee JunKi’s pretty well known too, so both shows are equal on that point. Mu-young assures him that he will.

As they don’t want to forget each other.

Haha I pointed at her and said oh! Korean legend vocals lost to unknown boy band because the teenager viewers And I bet the actor without double stunt must work much much harder It wouldn’t be super closed because you can also insert Arang trying to find about magiatrate other memories and past events and about her father and EO swearing to help her do that.


Like, dying of hunger maybe, since he has been hoarding food. I looked away for like five seconds before the premonition dream and went whoa wtf did I miss. And I don’t think they even had to sit in the corner to figure why this ending worked perfectly and RP’s didn’t. It’s a reward for the characters but not necessarily for the viewers emotionally yes, but epiisode intellectuallybecause it just nullifies everything that has sinopsos before.

Let’s just hope the writers aren’t being a tease for once and actually give us a clean happy ending! I have to say, the ending was almost sibopsis close call for Arang to remember it was her who cost her own death. In any other show, I might have hated having the couple reunite in an afterlife and was dissatisfied with the dramma of the two in Rooftop Princefor example.

But that is also where I become uneasy about us actually being able to get a happy ending tonight.

Junki in the magistrate outfit Too bad it might seem overly sweet at times. She can so act. And more deus ex machina, of course – no surprise there.

EO always had simple wants, to just find his mom and live with her happily and peacefully, and he was even willing to give up his “noble” status for the status of being the son of a sinospis, which implies that they would be living in “poorer” conditions than if he stayed with his dad. If I were arang, to see how Satto looks at me, I am not just drams him like that, lol!!! Not because JW showed remorse but because Arang had in that gesture showed empathy and forgiveness towards that one person who is perhaps the most undeserving of all.


Thks for your nice recaps too. I can already see the writer telling us “well yeah, this is the best happy thing I could give you”.

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There was no point to letting two dead souls and one immortal ddrama loose in the world still, using up precious life energy and continuing their respective notorious reputations in the Afterworlds and out.

My parents think I’m crazy as well looking at how I’ve been laughing, screaming, rofl, and pointing at my screen as I watch korean dramas and variety shows for hours in these past few years haha.

Bottom line is, we should not discredit an actor just because he does not do his action scenes himself. Look at those comparison photo.

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Try to respect other ppl opinion. THEN suddenly lays down the lightening bolts or rainbows Kim Yoonmi October 17, at That’s how I feel. And the ‘married’ clothes that EO had to wear looked poor and uncultured, short too! Haha October 25, at 4: Leejunki acting sinpsis is superb. ANYA October 17, at 9: Certainly it might just be this sense of something missing is driven by a long history or half baked and not happy endings. Joo-wal apologized, but he’s still a coward.