Thanks for the recap. Soon enough, soldiers are sent to arrest Chief Kang. Meanwhile, Ok Nyeo helps arrange a prisoner exchange. If you have something to tell me, I’ll listen when I get back. I thought that if I don’t have any greed toward what’s my brothers, if my brother went his way, and if I went my way, that our family would have peace. Oh, and Kim Woo-bin was awesome in this episode. But before Myung Seon can reveal who ordered the poisoning of the Lady of Anguk-dong, she is shot in the heart with an arrow. He tells Ok Nyeo that the Palace guard — who was with her mother before she died — is living in Icheon and wants to meet her.

They give the ledgers to Ok Nyeo. Stock prices go up and down based largely on speculation of what will happen. One person was taken by surprise and their lips were just resting against the other person’s. This request causes an uproar among all the parties. DDee November 27, at 8: Unknown Oktober 31, 6:

If I’m a black knight, then is Kim Tan a prince who rides on a white horse?


Eun-sang steadily makes her way past the guards and up the stairs, and as she does, we go back to the choice Dad offered her. One person was taken by surprise and their lips were just resting against the other person’s. When the Royal Physician reports to the Tge that Ok Nyeo is critically injured, the King tells his bodyguard that he wants to visit her.

Jumat, Februari 16, They get along with everyone. See, I did not imagine it. Limited wardrobe budget, perhaps? So outside of his company his power would be pretty limited, and definitely would not extend to someone being deported. Before they went into the trial, Tae Won advised Ok Nyeo about the techniques of conducting a trial that the former legal officer taught him.

Finale with spoilers Episode 50 recap: How I wish he could have remained the ‘bad guy’ and actually make sense, instead of repeating the same retarded thing over and over again.


In dramas too, I have never liked a bully before. Faye November 28, at 4: Yours is as exhaustive as mine, if not longer. The person who flew all the way from Japan and catered dinner at the school for LMH, was she a young girl or an older person?

Ok Nyeo gets slashed several times by the assassins, but Tae Won and his group arrive just in time to rescue her. How he recovers from the rejection is the big question!

But how can you throw me away again? Today’s Birthday provided by The Free Dictionary.

He looked so in pain, in the meeting with his parents. I really like Hyo Shin and Rachel together: All the other rich kids, including HS, has several issues largely because of their upbringing.

Hyung, dramq you really have to be like this? Once they find out that she’s of royal blood, they will hesitate in killing her. I need some form of bromance in this drama, lack of it is causing me to not sleep, and making my complexion not-so-pretty. I hope this relationship comes to fruition. Chief Kang finds out who the assassin is and goes after him.

She also tells him about the upcoming salt auction. Quote of the Day provided by The Free Library. vrama

That ES was acting friendly too soon, since he has feelings for her and she should be considerate of that? Chanukah is 8 days and nights and we are only midway through, so it is not too late: It seems that there was some kind of romantic relationship between him and the Queen Mother when they were much younger.

Like I said before, it is KWB’s success if he managed to convince me to sympathize YD, hope for him to change, get the girl, and have a happy life: Lord Yoon meets the King and tells him that rumors are circulating among the people that the King is meeting secretly and having an intimate relationship with a shaman Ok Nyeo. And deported to where? Galacio View my complete profile.


I agree that that’s what last episode showed us but it does seem rushed for them to be this close so soon and YD becoming the sidekick to Tan. The art of politics Episode 30 synopsis: Ok Nyeo then meets with Officer Yang.

And trust my honesty, hyung. The former Chief Warden and Woo Chi trick Officer Joo into thinking that his bribe-taking activities have been found out by the authorities.

kutudrama: Update Sinopsis The Heirs Episode 8

Ok Nyeo, defense lawyer! Her bodyguard later tells her that he eipsode ordered Officer Joo to find out why the hair pin ended up in Jeonokseo.

All the while I thought it was Eun Sang missing her spine, it was Tan who was actually being pretty pathetic. But all the court ladies and maids who served kores Crown Prince have all turned up dead, including the elderly court lady who Ok Nyeo visits. The King tells Lord Yoon and sinopsls other ministers that he hdirs thoroughly investigate and punish everyone involved in this political mess. Jung Nan Jung is pressured to pay back by the head merchants who provided her with the bribe money given to the Ming envoy.

Spi November 28, at 1: Especially since ES is not an orphan like Hyun. Don’t you regret it? However, it could be more of a thing of expectations. I am trying not to assume what he meant.