Yeah, Grandpa, fix this! Mo baca sinopsis kleun cheewit n padiwarada g bisa. Didn’t see it in time. When he was outside DaDa’s apartment at the end of their date, he made me believe that he wished it could have worked out the way they wanted without him having to say too much. And the story’s not even that new, there’s no tragic scenes going on here, no little kids crying. Sumiati Halim November 12, Good job, writer-nim; even if it is a remake.

As usual, the employees at work hate Jae-in for being a workaholic and complain about his stringent demands. I feel that vibe too. Ella Desember 18, 6: So he was something like a replacement? And yet, as simple as the scenes are, its genuinity and “reality” gets me everytime. Unknown September 22, 3:

Oktha Riya Oktober 20, She struggles to put the necklace on herself, and Jae-in gets up to help her, carefully clasping the necklace together. I love love what you wrote about Jae In and the break up. Sinopeis hope their separation is just in this ep.

How brilliant for the writer to use it. Unknown September 29, In the original, she’s the sweet, meek, quiet girl-next-door. Nurendahfajar Hidayah Agustus 26, 7: I am so annoyed by his adoptive mom though.

[Eng Sub] Padiwarada EP.14 – 1

I don’t think she adopted him out of obligation – I think he was adopted because they needed a heir since the eldest grandson died and Jae In’s mother remarried. Episodes by LollyPip. Unknown November 08, Your email address will not be published.


Tiap hari tiap jam aku cek dan masih tetap di part terakhir. A drama with two mature people not swayed by others or circumstances and no “dark cloud” hanging over their heads Just get them back together.

Unknown September 28, 7: Unknown November 06, JI acutely knows his position and responsibility as an heir and silently bearing the burden of everyone’s expectations from him. Why did they never celebrate Jae In’s birthday? Thank you HappilyEverAfter for the recap and thoughts! The different shades of his character outside of his foul mouth and aggressiveness are muted by comparison, but nonetheless identifiable.

The Jae In was more childish though and wanted to compete with Tae Ha and so worked hard to be pregnant too!!! I didn’t cry the 1st time I watched, it’s the lingering sadness that you also can’t provide them with the answer without sacrificing one person, and I can’t even think to asked one person to sacrifice that fast for their love. Bernadetta Sitorus September 03, 2: Jae-in pouts a little and tells Da-hyun to wait for him as he goes off to get something. There is plentiful of BTS there and they are as cute as the drama itself.

I really enjoyed this episode.

T T Thx show. Jae-in asks what Da-hyun plans to do after their relationship ends, and Da-hyun says that she wants to meet a good man.


Thanks for the recap? Last but not least, he’s so awesome in the physical acting aspect can’t think of a more appropriate phase at the moment.

SINOPSIS Game Sanaeha Episode 1 – 14 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

For me this was one of his standout episodes. I also just realised that your response here is pretty much my response to your post. You have been warned.? They needed it as a couple and as individuals.

I feel worse for Jae In because he is a good man and so deserving of love.

Thus, to me, it makes the happy-ever-after ending very elegant. It was so well thought out. Most likely, he was precocious beyond his years. Like what Kbas, said above, Ha Suk Jin’s crying is even different from other actors. I think JI’s mum impressed by Dada but she also doesn’t know what to do, it’s like breaking the norm for a 114-1, can’t believe I write this cause it always happen in rom-com abut the mum’s face and her opinion to grandpa really shows a different interpretation.

This drama really surprised me that their separation is not similar to other cringey OTP break ups.