Episode Discussion Chuck vs. General Discussion Chuck vs. Looking very much the Man in Black. I do miss Smallville. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Ten years ago I was 17, I am a huge comic book super hero freak, so when I saw the series premier preview for smallville on tv, I started jumping around like a mad man haha. Once it aired I was hooked

Tess knows Ollie intimately and figured it out. Stuie shows up and kicks down the Supply Room door. I’ll never forget the S4 finale. Tess is their target and Zod thinks they are using her to get to the Kandorians. Audible Download Audio Books. Which Secrets Were…

Smallville’s Final 5 Episodes: 8 Burning Questions Answered! | TVLine

I watched every episode from then on for the entire 10 years. However he managed to save appearances anyway so it’s not that dramatic, he’s Green Arrow after all.

Chloe mysteriously returns to Smallville where she gives Clark the idea of killing Davis by telling him he can’t keep the beast under control. An other element I enjoyed in this episode was Oliver’s scenes. But it seemed the party would still be on. I remember watching seasons again with an ex-boyfriend who I also got hooked on the show. I remember watching season 6 which is still one of my absolute favorites and I was chatting with a DC comics fan who didnt watch the show too much but still was catching it sometimes Clark watches as Zod flies off too, ripping the roof off the clubhouse.


Lois and Perry White in the night air looking up. He wants Ollie to join them in fight against their common enemy. Dude is gonna have to get the locks changed. Cassidy takes another one for her craft. He zips off to find Checkmate.

I think this episode is the best in my opinion and it certianly stands out more than any of the shows I have seen… for emotion, underhandedness, and evil ness The writers worked well together in this one and hope to see another… The actors I think were all good….

Beware The Green-Eyed Monster” 3. With this, Zod just declared war. An other problem was what happened to a certain character. Also, I cried when Jonathan Kent died. It wields great power. She was a Clois Shipper through and through and she used to say smallvillle funniest comments about Clark and Lana.

No brain fog or epsode or any of that stuff.

The woman who wanted to dissect you. I do miss Smallville. So apparently the voice is like a greeter from Walmart and only that.

I was so sad when smallville ended, but I am so grateful that it will always be with me. We see a Clark Kent who can separate his personal life from his professional life.

Security Guard George Jaeson Lee Only Zod is capable of that if he is so ishardd. And, when Lex said, “I AM the villain of the story!


Smallville’s SACRIFICE: Relenting to Fate

Season One Chuck vs. She may have left behind some intel. Of course they give inklings along the smaklville which really makes it interesting. Clark is trying to find his family. Full Cast and Crew. The last season was such a good season for her, I was so grateful. Tess seems the likely culprit.

When I was about 22 I knew what I wanted to do with my life, I wanted to save people. Season Six The Vampire Diaries: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Scoop on Smallville ushared, Castle and More With just five episodes left in the series — the series!

OK, fine, it was. And with all of this there is no limit to what we can achieve. I was all excited about it, as there smalllville much else to be excited about that year. In the warehouse, the Kandorians are kneeling with headbags.

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