Log in or Sign up. Because she knows he’s selfish. Edit this Page Edit Information. Real Men Episode 3 years ago. Giving his mother nothing but only being known as his mother. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: She left and found love with a rich, old man and gave birth to a daughter name Plaungtip.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Even though they’ve seen each other before, they can’t denie their attraction towards each other. I wish there was a better ending, maybe actually seeing the baby. She was hurt emotionally and mentally but still kept on working without debating any issues between them. It is when I realize Dome does not have the hotness in him haha. The relationship was only informed by the people in their family. Radio Star Episode 66 3 years ago. Plaungtip herslef has given all her heart to Pakaphong.

[Ch7] Tawan Tor Saeng (Polyplus)

Every Question Episode 3 years ago. Even though her parent’s and peers disagree of their relationship. Tawan Tor Saeng Country: The Return Of Superman Episode 4 hrs ago. She couldn’t take it so she left again. Therefore, Ror visits regularly in Rayong when she’s on her leisure time. She was also a strong female, who felt she was capable of doing anything she desired.

Hoping to one day see him again. I liked this lakorn, I expected it to be suuuppper long but it was actually sxeng decent length.


Moms Diary Episode 4 hrs ago. Hello Counselor Episode 3 years ago. Pakaphong decided to give his inheritance to charity that his father had given him and move tr America. She enjoyed her new lifestyle but didn’t pay any attention to her son.

Tawan Tor Saeng

So in order to double-check my fangirl radar, I went and re-watch RMMWT and guess what, from the moment Dome appeared on screen, I was in this mode Confirm, fangirl in order. She loved him no matter what. Notify me of new comments via email. Mai is gorgeous in this lakorn, especially in the scene where Pak ties the bandana on her hand.

AsianFemaleOct 8, Rasa then decided right then and there to stop her relationship betweeen her and Pakaphong for good. She was hurt emotionally and mentally but still kept on working without debating any issues between them.

Impressions: Tawan Tor Saeng | Scribblings of a fangirl

Pakapong is more happy and cheery which I guess is not supposed to be like that since Pete’s version looked angry all the time or it maybe just Pete, the dude hardly smiles LOL but I see his moments of hurt saenb he’s smiling because Rasa is bringing a beam of light into his life, episoee finally found “the one. Cupid CandyJan 4, Rasa acknowledged the relationship between Pakaphong was far from reality.


That following day, Pakaphong went to Rasa’s house to tell her he’s going to marry her but found out she went to Rayong. The rawr here was like 3 seconds long and they didn’t even show the full kiss at the end. Assuming he feels the same. So she decided to leave her son and Prot, because she couldn’t stand living in a poor life. Be the first and add one.

The actress playing Pim is a terrible actress, I know this is her first lakorn and all but her acting is more painful than Dome’s. Plaungtip herslef has given all her heart to Pakaphong. Discussion in ‘ ‘ started by dancySep 15, Cupid CandyJan 7, You are commenting using your Facebook account. Petiya received an assignment from Pakaphong Petea well-known rich playboy. Buddie needs xaeng new hair stylist. Simply K Pop Episode 2 years ago. sarng