Their last show for XFM aired on July 2, , after which they chose to switch the show’s format from radio to podcasting. This was one of the first recurring features, along with White Van Karl , which principally revolved around Karl relating his opinions on various topics. He would often interrupt Pilkington to express outrage and disbelief. This series was released all at once as an Audiobook , almost two hours in length and split into four half-hour episodes. For the unrelated live-action chat show, see Meet Ricky Gervais. On the 17 November broadcast, Gervais and Merchant despite Karl’s protests filled the show with sexual innuendos, in which they used the word “cock” multiple times, claiming they were referring to the bird. Are you actually aware you are on the radio or has someone just secretly stuck a microphone on you? The eighth video shows Gervais showing the viewer around the various sets during the filming of the second series of Extras , followed by Pilkington giving his opinion on Gervais’s latest book, Flanimals of the Deep.

His orangy-round head is filled with nonsensical genius! This was followed by The Ricky Gervais Guide to Three free podcasts were announced that coincide with special days. On the 20 February podcast, Pilkington announced that Monkey News would no longer be a featured segment in future podcasts, claiming that there were no more Monkey News stories to report. That Jamaican fella doesn’t want anything. In other projects Wikiquote. Karl is in trouble with Suzanne after saying, on last week’s show, that her new haircut made her look like Dave Hill from Slade.

They can be accessed by clicking the ‘Title’ gerais of each show. As a means of reminding listeners how the game is played, Ricky and Steve often referred to what they considered the textbook example of Karl’s cryptic clues:. Monkey News this week is about an aeroplane passenger complaining that they have no nuts.

It was later released for free gerbais the public in October of that year. The first 12 episodes were released free of charge through the Guardian Unlimited website. Animals Politics Fame Science.

Four more episodes were released on 15 September through the iTunes Store. During a later show Gervais and Merchant revealed that they had discovered that they had received a warning from the radio authority by reading an article on a news website. This site is funded by ad revenue. Early versions had Ricky giving the news, though later it involved Karl giving a series of headlines of a male genital nature, from which Ricky and Steve would choose.


Poetry topics included jellyfish, being in the hospital, the body of a caveman allegedly discovered with hair gel in his hair, and gervis moths.

XFM Vault – S03E09

Gervais and Merchant were both shocked and delighted by Pilkington’s foray into poetry. Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Despite the far-fetched nature of Monkey NewsPilkington always insists he is accurately recounting the facts.

Problems arose in this case when Karl couldn’t find a song with “Twix” in it, and so he substituted the alternative chocolate bar “Mars”, using the lyrics to David Bowie’s “Life on Mars”. Gervais, Merchant and Pilkington broadcast two hour long holiday specials on Radio 2 during the holiday season, the first airing on Christmas Eve and the second on New Year’s Eve.

Retrieved from ” http: The confrontational interactions among Gervais, Merchant, and Pilkington often result in Monkey News becoming a sort of collaborative shaggy dog story. Philosophy aired on 17 March while the 5th and final episode of season 1, The Ricky Gervais Guide to However, at the end of the series justice is had when Ricky and Steve start gaying Karl up. Karl became dismayed by the opposition he faced from the experts, believing there was a conspiracy to keep every animal from extinction, and thus ended the feature.

It features only in the latest XFM shows.

According to Emily Belleditor-in-chief of Guardian UnlimitedGervais and Merchant had approached the Guardian with the idea of the show. A few weeks later Ricky is outraged when Karl tells him that he’s going to Lanzarote on holiday. The ninth gervasi Pilkington talking about Gervais’s cat; Ollie.

Merchant sometimes referred to the clues as ‘craptic’. The show features Gervais and Pilkington engaging in English dialogue, and translated captions have been provided in many languages [23] by his fans.

The Ricky Gervais Show – Season 3, Episode 5 – Karl’s Day (FULL) – video dailymotion

Lord of the Rings is shit. More recently, after a particularly nonsensical statement or one containing no evidence, Ricky will repeatedly state “It’s unbelievable”, or simply yell “Bollocks! RIcky Gervais Podcats Season 5”. The podcast focuses more on Pilkington as a primary figure of humour in the show in various ways, including questions directed at him that have been emailed in, either by fans of the show or by Gervais and Merchant themselves.


Mobile discos of Karl and Steve.

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He would play a track of the hip-hop genre to Gervais and Karl. Retrieved 28 April Dilkington”, the time Karl was hsow a lamp and wastebasket while moving to a new house and people thought he was a novelty entrant in a marathon, the tongue twister “if you can’t treat a cheerful tramp, what sort of tramp can you treat?

This was followed by The Ricky Gervais Guide to Karl goes on a blind date and is annoyed that he spent money on someone who is just going to ‘die on him’. A special podcast was made available as a giveaway to people who went to see Gervais’ standup tour Fame, which showed from January to April It debuted on 12 October as a phone-in, but converted to an e-mail competition the following week.

However, at the end of the series justice is had when Ricky and Steve start gaying Karl up. A few weeks later Ricky is outraged when Karl tells him that he’s dfm to Lanzarote on holiday. However, for the podcasts, Ricky would introduce the segment by screaming, “Rockbusters!

However, even Merchant has been driven to verbally abuse Karl during the most obviously nonsensical geravis extreme stories.

Introduced along with Rockbusters on 12 October and lasting throughout the autumn, Educating Ricky was a feature in which Saeson tries to teach Ricky several facts every week by catching his attention with a made-up headline, usually a pun.

The gang wonder how barometers work and comment on the rather nervous looking daughter on the cover of the calendar.

England wins rugby World Cup. The stories are rarely sourced by Pilkington who is always accused by Gervais of “talking shit” or possibly having extrapolated misinformation from a news story. Series two of the podcast began on 28 February