Francis Cory Knauf is sent into the London countryside to find a person named “Manderson” and is taken under the wing of the Stuart family. When the Butcher Brothers decide to do something really serious, they’ll know how to do it. If vampires are your thing, give The Thompsons a go. Francis gets attracted to the other girl who tries to get him to help her. At the barn, Francis, seeing an open wound on the girl’s hand, is unable to control his bloodlust and he kills the girl and feeds off her. I’ll summarize the story linearly. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Riley and Francis The Stuarts have taught themselves to eat food so as to give a pretence of humanity human food makes the Hamiltons sick and seem to be able to move at breakneck speeds — something the Hamiltons cannot do. The filmmakers know how to put the creepy small town English country side to good use. Neither The Hamiltons or The Thompsons have managed to decisively win me over as a fan. To give them their due, the cast are given precious little to work with so most of them compensate by overacting wildly or, in one or two cases, barely acting at all. Surprisingly, this turned out to be quite a decent enough vampire effort that does have some pretty enjoyable features about it. Francis Cory Knauf , the central character in The Butcher Brothers’ The Thompsons the sequel to their movie The Hamiltons , is something of a tortured soul, a vampire troubled by his bloody lifestyle, searching for a meaning to his existence.

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I would love to see a part 3 to this story, and hopefully Knauf is involved with the writing again as this movie improved on the original in every way. It begins with Francis trapped in a crate and then he tells the story — in a non-linear way — of how he got in the crate.

When David appears, Francis is crying and we see his fangs.

Stuart who has taken David and Lenny hostage. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Wendell asks David to follow Francis, as he is the only one capable of persuading him to return. Or have hundreds of years of mythology been wrong? And even if you haven’t seen The Hamiltons you can see this without a doubt. This review may contain spoilers. Francis gets attracted to the other girl who tries to get him to help her.


The story is about a family of vampires who flee from USA after having made it to the news with a video of them killing humans. They do have fangs though and superhuman strength which seems to come and go, dictated by the demands of the story and, of thom;sons, a requirement for a regular supply of human blood. An incredibly sexy woman named Abby Russell Paz de la [ By using this site, you agree to the Spooiler of Use and Privacy Policy.

I found the special effects work to be rather impressive. The story begins at the end, with the central character telling a yarn about how he tnompsons to wind up in a box. While twins Wendell and Darlene seem to share a bizarre incestuous bond that separates them from the rest of the siblings, Francis acquires a video camera that previously belonged to his deceased parents and sets out preparing a school project about his family.

Ratatosk73 19 October Sloppy, you could say. Now, I personally found The Hamiltons to be a bit dull, and I respect the fact that The Butcher Brothers have upped the ante in regards to primitive visuals and visceral jolts.

The Haunted Screamfest Review. The retards then kill them using vampire-skills against vampires who are as superior to them as they are to normal people. The script mostly functions, but has no personality of its own. Francis learns Lenny recovered due to drinking the blood of a fellow vampire, making it possible that they could sustain themselves tue “monsters” like them and stop hurting so many innocent people, though Francis has come to peace with what his soiler is.

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He is even better here, and as well as being the main character in The Thompsons, he also had a hand in writing the screenplay. So that was an interesting approach to the mythical vampire creature.

What they find instead could tear their family, and their throats, apart forever. The final showdown, in which we get a look at Father Stuart for all that he truly is; is a complete blast. What I liked in the first film, but I can talk about more this time round since this is the sequel and people should know what to expect, is kovie whilst the family are basically vampires, they are certainly no ordinary strain of vampire as they have not been turned.


The Thompsons (2013) Review

You’ll never get that 90 minutes back. Pledge Screamfest Review.

This is movie of the October Horror Challenge and 37 of Horrorx Some parts I didn’t like but like I just said, the last part is a must see for the ones with fangs.

He does a good job with the voice overs, but acting in dramatic situations is entirely beyond him. Cory Knauf just does not deliver a convincing level of physical intensity, and he thommpsons far more suited working the voice over than actually appearing in spokler film.

Cory Knauf as Francis. The budget is slightly larger but, not by a lot as the Butcher’s style seems to be a good fit for low budget indie horrors. Stuart while Francis beats Mr. The story of The Thompsons isn’t told linearly but it thd more or less in the middle and then backtracks.

If you are a fan of The Hamiltons you probably will enjoy this sequel especially as the original cast are all back, except for Hartwig as Lenny, and they are taken in a different direction.

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Elizabeth Henstridge is particularly lovely, attractive and hot. At this point the picture freezes as Francis explains that maybe we need to go even further back in time to shed some light on all these strange goings on. And it continues in its merry way, until the end.

Complications arise which involve the Stuarts’ human-born daughter Elizabeth Henstridge and murderous twin sons Sean Browne and Tom Holloway which eventually bring in Francis’s twin siblings, David Samuel Child and Darkene Mackenzie Firgensplus injured younger brother Lenny Ryan Hartwigwhose role has changed radically since the first film. This movie doesn’t do anything right. As she is a young adult she has passed the oldest age a vampire goes to before turning and will not do so now.