Alex Kruz as Wall Street Broker uncredited. Crhis Perschler as Convy Leader. Reggie Lee as Ross. The Age of Adaline. Troy Polamalu as Gotham Rogues Player uncredited. Maria Zambrana as Gotham Citizen uncredited. Nydia Rodriguez Terracina as Judge Surrillo. John Farrer as Older Upscale Person uncredited.

William Armstrong as Evans. David Gyasi as Skinny Prisoner. Winston Ellis as Gamble Bodyguard. He turns to me and say, “Why so Serious? Olan Montgomery as Wayne Enterprises Security uncredited. The symbiosis of good and evil is the film’s philosophical core, and images of duality and cloaked identity are strewn through it like shards from a fun house mirror. Emily Schooley as Hot Football Fan uncredited. Those who come with high expectations after seeing “Batman Begins” will not be disappointed.

One of the best superhero movies ever. Tiffany Kemp as Gotham Rogues Fan uncredited. You will get access to all of your favourite the TV Show without any limits.

Peter Holden as Applied Sciences Tech 1. However, now I watch it every once in a while although the viewing habit has changed from every other day to every once in a while, the impression remains for chilling entertainment. Patrick Leahy as Board Vodpocker 2. Eric Roberts as Maroni. He comes at me with the knife.


The Dark Knight Rises

Barbara Vincent as Gotham Rogues Fan uncredited. Signing Up take less than a minute. Tom Hardy as Bane.

Patrick Cox as Huge Inmate. Todd Gearhart as Uniform 2. Matthew Modine as Peter Foley. Christopher Bryan Gomez as Stock Broker uncredited. Rory Nolan as Little Boy at Bridge.

Reggie Lee as Ross.

The Dark Knight | Netflix

Create your free account and experience full length premium TV Show: Try bztman now for free. Fredric Lehne as Exchange Security Chief. Erik Hellman as Junkie. The Dark Knight is a film that’s fantastic on the action front, seeds its acrobatics in its own reality, and always feels relevant even when its ideas are drowned out by clatter. Roger Monk as Prisoner. Miranda Nolan as Maid 2. The movie itself has been adapted in a much more realistic fashion than the comic book series.

Thomas Gaitsch as Reporter 3. Robert Wisdom as Army Captain at Bridge. Michael Power as Gotham Police Officer uncredited. Kevin Kiely as Thug 1 in Basement. Not just a perfect comic book movie, not just a perfect Batman movie, but darn-near a perfect movie, full stop. The movie’s a real neo-noir all right, wallowing in darkness, thrilled with how bad we are, and getting such a kick out of our impending doom it cheers you right up.


Heath Ledger as The Joker. Graham Curry as Pentagon Navy Petty uncredited. Matt Rippy as First Mate. Ian Pirie as Prisoner. Lanny Lutz as Bartender. London May as Court Room Thug uncredited. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. My father; was a drinker; and a fiend. Andres Perez-Molina as Valet at Museum. Mommy grabs the kitchen knife to defend herself.

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Warren Brown as Mercenary Security 1. James Quinn as Gothamite uncredited. Michael Stoyanov as Dopey. Sophia Hinshelwood as Reporter.