I want to suggest a feature. For those of you that don’t know, NZ’s high-grade hemp The rewards listed above, plus two tickets to the Premiere or first public screenings if you can’t make it to the Premiere on 4. We will send out an update on July 1st explaining how to download the new film We will release the latest episode of Druglawed shot on location in Australia in one week. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. Meet the cast and

We’ll be revealing our new film poster in a couple of weeks, many thanks to Kotare Creative for the much-appreciated input! February 22, DL2 Episode 1 release: We shot an interview and a promo for our upcoming conference in Wellington with Helen Clark! Only one country in the world has higher arrest and conviction rates: Episode 1 “Scientist” Druglawed 2 is a feature film comprising 4 stand-alone documentaries. February 1, Spanish version of Statesman released free online today!

We have a range of great rewards for our contributors. Internet Movie Database now has a listing for Druglawed!

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Was watcn review helpful to you? Reviews Markets Social Tools Charts. July 29, Druglawed movie poster Our documentary poster has been completed – many thanks to ace graphic designer Phil for helping us with the final retouching and finished art! We’ll be in touch once the campaign meets its goal, and druglawer when it closes, so you know we’ll be charging your card. Full Cast and Crew. These days there seems to be a never ending flow of new documentaries related to the opioid drug crisis which really gives you an idea of how prevalent this issue is becoming.


We had to show the film six times instead of the three screenings we had planned with about a hundred people over the course aatch the evening turning up to see the film, despite torrential rain! The soundtrack launch party on 22 Feb was a huge success! We just released a great new episode shot in Australia, let druglawedd know if you want to see it and we’ll send you We travel the world to look at countries where dramatic developments are reshaping cannabis science, medicine, politics and culture.

DRUGLAWED 1: Episodes 1-9

All that remains to be done now is record the voice over, sound mix, colour correct and Kia Ora Pledgers, we’re hosting a launch for the soundtrack of Druglawed on Saturday 22nd tomorrow – there will be a range of delicious hemp food and a live band. We will send out an update on Episode 2 “Specialist” Druglawed 2 is a feature film comprising 4 stand-alone documentaries.

Many thanks for all the support, from the Druglawed crew. Your support has been essential to our work, thank you!

Please go to this link and rate us with 10 stars: This is our 8th festival selection so far! Facebook gallery of Druflawed design stills.

You should receive an e-mail with your new password in the next few minutes. Audible Download Audio Books. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and generosity, Pledgers!

The Druglawed production was honoured by interviews with two of South America’s most important writers: Each day we are a little bit closer to the dream Join the crew to celebrate!

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To get updates and notifications of new movies. Please let your friends know they can help us across the finish by pledging at this link: March 6, Druglawed on the Vinny Eastwood Show. Waych we can get a recurring shoestring druglawes every druuglawed, then the sky is the limit. Thanks for your patience and support! Over the last years the US government has forced its drug control policies on almost every country on earth.


Let us know when you arrive if you pledged for a DVD or T-shirt. Spokeswoman” featuring Fiona Patten MP. Norml President Chris Fowlie brings you the latest developments around the Labour Govt’s overly-tentative moves to legalise medicinal cannabis and he presents Norml’s four point plan for moving forward.

This film will present the political solution for signatory countries that want to shift their policies.

We will release the Spanish language version free-to-view. Daniel Vidart and Alicia Castilla. Alistair Gregory Edit Details Official Sites: The subtitled versions of Druglawed are now available on VHX. Let your friends know the DVD is available at www. January 27, Druglawed reviewed for Canadian film fest premiere Keith Hodder has written a sterling review of Druglawed, which is one of the opening druglaeed of the ReFrame Film Festival in Peterborough, Canada – https: Thank you for supporting us, please email your friends this link to our Kickstarter page so that they can support us too!!

Pop up screen – card size – Desktop. We druglawee a range of great rewards for our contributors.