Kim Jong Kook Main Cast. Kim Jung-hwan People Looking for a Laugh. Which is probably why he offered Kwangsoo for the 1 on 1 with HaHa. The race would officially begin after the first mission ends. I don’t know, but he still won, so it’s quite a moot question. Episode 5 by TeriYaki.

I wanted to see Jung-myung vs spartakooks I still think RM is strongest when it’s just the cast, but given the right guests, they could be downright hilarious. However, on January 24, , SBS announced that the show will continue airing with all of the remaining cast members. Park Seo Joon Cameo. Episodes by LollyPip. I laughed because I imagined you two running towards me!

Eun Ji-won Sechs Kies. The way I See it the writer of the show twist the story to betrayal bec it wud be more fun and exciting! I don’t know, but he still won, so it’s quite a moot question.

Lee Eun-hyung People Looking for a Laugh. Retrieved 26 November Shorry J Mighty Mouth.

The products ranging from stickers, socks, hats, shirts, and shoes. What we’re watching by DB Staff.

Mission 2 featured missions related to the staff of the landmark. The MCs and guests were locked inside a landmark and were required to earn Running Balls for a chance to kshowhow punishment. This is a long-running show, and I’m sure the individual members really want their personalities to stand out, one way or another.

But a little prod from Kwang-soo is enough for the tiger to surface again and snap at the giraffe.

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As of episode 48, the members have taken part in a series of missions to become the winner s kzhownow the end of the race. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Daisy May 6, at 4: You all just too obsessed with running man. But Jung-myung and his hyungs come racing down the hill, being chased by Jong-kook and his team. In Marcha comic book adaptation of the series was published. Kim Jong Kook Main Cast. If not Haha and Kwangsoo would not do the weird but super goofy twirl hehehe these episode makes me laugh rolling all over the floor Awesome wish they wud do these kind of stuff more its more funny when big celebrities guysss do the RM sorry but most of the girl idol episodes is just boring maybe if they get 1 boy and 1 girl idol not too many like partners it really makes the show lame wish they wud do a split two themes like they did before and run like there is no tomorrow and I missed the punishment put it back pls.


After all the numbers had been found by either of the teams, they approached the main door and entered the runninb which they believed was correct. I found it entertaining. Cast – Running Man.

In each episode, they must complete missions at various places to win the race. Jae-suk refers to his days mxn Mr. Producer Kim Joo-hyung has left the show as of episode as he was reassigned to Inkigayo. From episode 15 this was changed to different games related to the landmark.

Moms Diary Episode 92

For the American film, see The Running Man film. Beginning with the twenty-sixth episode, the race mission, Bells Hide and Seekwas replaced with a Find the Guests mission. You can subtitle on Viki and kshodnow part of the community too! Jae-suk developed his Grasshopper persona, SpartaKooks, his – well, SpartaKooks stuff, Kwang Soo glommed onto the traitor aspect which must be more manly for him than the craven coward act he was wearing until recently and HaHa is the team Romeo.

Retrieved 2 February Lee Ha-neul DJ Doc. I laughed because I imagined you two running towards me! How do I Find the Kidnapped Idol?


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Choi Si-won Super Junior. This is RUnning Man for goodness sake, betrayal runs amok. As of the eleventh episode, the Running Man members and guests were no longer split into two main teams except for during the race mission, with smaller teams or individual game-play being used during the other missions.

Your email address will not be published. Jung-myung instinctively crouches to a jujitsu stance that everyone mocks. I dunno whats the wattch on Suzy yeah shes pretty she looks exactly like Eun Hye I cannot believe how they look they look like cloones yah did she gets a plastic surgery?

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Also really thought the yellow team blew their chance to win when Gwang Soo betrayed and took off the name tag off of Jung Myung, but glad to see the yellow team pull off the victory. Running Man’s creator speaks”.

Lizzy Song Joong-ki Gary. I really can’t figure Soo-mi out. Mission 4 featured missions related to the landmark. But all in all, my fav guest was definitely JYP as he gave us some pretty good moments with the Easy brothers song and the advice to Kwang soo.