Luther kicks Zeke out of the band for calling it stupid, and then replaces Zeke with Kirby Cheddar. Zeke eventually exposes Rutger as a fake who does not actually travel around the world. Although Turk is initially upset at Luther, he and the other members decide to welcome Luther into the Road Scabs. Zeke and Luther are upset by Ron’s plan to demolish their childhood hangout spot, where they have had many memories. Search for ” Super Shredder ” on Amazon. After Luther gets beaten by Raw Dog, Mitch enters the ring under the new wrestling name of Super Shredder and beats his opponent. The boys, on their skateboards, chase after a delivery truck that has purchased the last of Ginger’s Pootie Poo stock, but they are unsuccessful. Ethan Coach and Justin Coach as Jarvis.

Luther blames his “brain guys,” which are versions of himself that live in his brain and control everything he does. Ng then tells Zeke that he must find a magical mountain quail egg that will help him achieve the trick. Carlos Lacamara as Dr. Although Zeke and Luther do not understand the language, they star in the commercial without any problems. Because Ramps is located behind a mini mall, garbage frequently builds up in the area. Later, Aldretti informs Zeke that Yuba Tech has its own school skateboarding team, the Yuba Tech Honkers, which wants to challenge his team to a relay skate race. Lacking the necessary funds, Ozzie instead pays Arnie with the boys’ Riot Skates car, which he intends to buy back the next day after becoming a star.

Zeke and Luther try to make a skateboarding video after Kojo gets his mom to film one.

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When Zeke learns of the doctor’s prognosis, he leaves the hospital in a wheelchair and winds up flying off a ramp and performing a mid-air flip before landing.

Ozzie goes to Luther’s house to retrieve the game, and he, Nana and Carl decide to play the game together, but they wind up further wrecking his room with their game swords.

This was the fourth episode made, but premiered as the first. Afterward, Stinky Cast tells students at school that he and Ginger are together, but he agrees to stop after Ginger proposes kissing him one more time. Ozzie overhears this and plans to get such a photograph to buy back the car. With the band broken up, Luther attempts to entertain the crowd with a sock puppetbut he is unsuccessful. Zeke and Luther dress up as doctors in an attempt to get the wig back, but the Plunks eventually realize who they are.

To get away from Ginger, Zeke moves into his family’s garage and hires Ozzie to give it a redesign.


Nana leaves for her vacation, and Carl becomes depressed, believing that Nana has rejected him.

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Eddie tells Zeke and Luther that they will appear in a new television series for Skate TV titled Skate Cribswhich provides viewers with tours of skateboarders’ houses. Tony Hawk as himself Guest star: Ginger Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Fitzle then creates a robot to scare away the skateboarders, but it eventually disobeys and attacks Fitzle.

Ginger and the boys arrive at Garoosh Industries, where Zeke and Luther are to test a computerized skateboard for Garm. Fitzle decides that the skateboarders are not so bad and that they can continue skateboarding at Ramps.

Ginger opens a potato wedge stand business in front of her house, but it is disrupted when Zeke and Luther crash into a customer with their skateboards. During a party at Vin’s house, Luther accidentally damages the music equipment and begins rapping to entertain the guests. Kojo decides that he will skate off a ramp and over the sludge pool to prove his love for Mia and win her back. As punishment, the boys are required to clean up highway trash. When Zeke and Luther see a baby boy in a runaway stroller, they attempt to rescue him.

Because of snow moose attacks in Canada, the boys and others in the brigade are ordered to go there and herd the animals back to the wilderness. Crowbar falls into the muck, and Zeke is declared the winner. White offers them that and plenty of skateboarding gear. With little time left, the boys create a basic video of them skateboarding.

For an upcoming team skateboarding contest, Kojo offers to let Zeke join his team, but Zeke has already partnered with Luther. Zeke and Luther borrow a snow cone machine from Kirby Cheddar for an all-night party celebrating Tony Hawk’s half birthday. Zeke and Luther try to make him realize that getting hurt is just part of skateboarding.

Ginger books Zeke and Luther to perform a skateboarding stunt for a local mattress salesman, by skating off a ramp and jumping over four king-size mattresses approx. Meanwhile, Luther gets a psychic reading from a man named Swami Steve, who operates his business from within a van.

Zeke and Luther audition for roles in a new film starring Sammy, a movie gorilla who has appeared in multiple films. Did your favorite make the cut? Dino offers the boys their own specially designed skateboard to sponsor, while Mr. After Ginger rejects Poochie’s suggestion to add nutmeg to her pie, Poochie decides to enter her own pie in the county fair against Ginger’s. Zeke goes on a date with Allie, who has a high-pitched laugh that annoys him, while Luther dates a girl named Lorna, who has a long facial hair that disgusts him.


Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Chili Ricardo determines that Luther will grow to be seven feet tall, based on his current height and family history.

Retrieved March 18, Zeke and Luther work late one night while Lugher goes home. Max agrees to have a discussion with the boys, but he concludes that it will be another five years before they are mature enough for him to manage. Eddie tells the boys that the company is having an upcoming skate jam to promote the brand.

After Luther objects to the script, series creator and director Wesley Mandrake is convinced to let the Skate Troopers win in the episode. Officer Dingle declares that the zeks may continue skateboarding because Ramps is public property. Ozzie manages to film Kojo skateboarding beside Lady Lucy, and Ozzie then edits the video to give the appearance that she is skateboarding with Kojo.

Zeke reluctantly agrees to perform the stunt. Lacking the necessary funds, Ozzie instead pays Arnie with the boys’ Riot Skates car, which he intends to buy back the next day after becoming a star.

The boys only anger Carl further when Luther puts the clock through a woodchipperbelieving it is a varnish drier. The boys become the laughing stock of Gilroy.

The boys learn that Jumpsuit is frequently mocked by two former astronauts who traveled to the moon, while he did not get to go because he was late after they gave him the wrong launch time. Carlos Lacamara as Dr.

Super Shredder

When Zeke learns of their new relationship, he tells Mia about Kojo’s epispde bookwhich contains the names of the many girls Kojo has dated along with miscellaneous information about each one. Zeke and Luther send a video to a television show that features stunts performed on skateboards. Retrieved March 3, They convince Garrett “Stinky Cast” Delfino, who has a crush on Ginger, to film it, and come out with a great video, but Luther’s “good luck charm” rat named Lucky eats the tape on the night that Zeke and Luther plan to present it to a large audience.

Hoping to learn clues about Kirby’s possible location, they meet with various individuals, including Jumpsuit Johnson, Lisa Grubner, and pawn shop owner Sleazy Steve. Retrieved from ” https: